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Sunday, May 22, 2011

That Which Doesn't Pod You, Only Makes You Smarter

  Welp, I just hit the 6 month mark of being in Adhoc and living in wormholes. Half a year already? Wow...on the one hand it feels like I just got here, but on the other like I've always been here and never played any other part of Eve. Which is ok with me, wspace is what has kept me addicted to this mistress of a game. And now I realize it's been a year of me playing in general and here I didn't do anything special. Hmm...might have to fix that.

  It's been an amazing 6 months and there will certainly be plenty more to come. My first week I saw and helped steal my first dread, bashed my first tower and it's been a long list of firsts ever since then. I went from 'roid drilling carebear to bloodthirsty warbear pretty quickly. I kind of miss mining sometimes and we do get sites to mine, but my carebearing is mainly restricted to PI nowadays and the occasional mission.

  I think my skill sheet can show how chaotic my path has been. It's all over the board, only recently becoming more focused and solid. Goodness, I'm coming up on 20 mil SP even and my stash of shinies still confuses me. 2 Tech 3 ships that I can fly well in a year is not bad by my ruler, among the other stuff. I am still loving my Falcon, it is the best ECM platform after all. In fact, we have been getting some good fights and ganks lately, one of which we actually needed the Falcon.

  We were running Sleeper sites in our static connection as some of our cloakies scouted around and kept eyes out. Since we were flying a shield gang, I was able to use my Thundercat Tengu. I keep intending to take it into kspace and leave it there for missioning...I just never seem to get around to it. Anyways, one of our cloakies found a new hole and jumped in, only to squawk a second later about a gang sitting on the other side.

 "Two Machariels, Scimi, Loki, and more landing." He called.

  This just got fun and it always seems to happen when we try to PvE. I'm ok with that. It seemed that they saw our Noctis cleaning up behind us and were looking to ruin our carebear party. We don't go outside the POS in anything that can't fight on the whole, so they were more than welcome to try. But when we heard what they had and weren't sure if their numbers would swell, we decided to play it safe and switched to Guardian backed armor ships. In all honesty and without trying to sound arrogant, when we field them we are a force to be reckoned with in Eve. It takes extremely overwhelming force or a bad situation to get us on a bad foot when we get the thirst.

  Apparently, running back home got them trigger happy though. A buzzard had scanned our hole down and two things started happening. The buzzard decloaked and jumped in to our system, seeming to not mind a suicide mission. We had no fast tackle sadly so he got away, but not before I got his name and added him to my watchlist. We got your number, Austex. Their gang started moving at the same time.

 They thought we were running? I'm not sure if their buzzard simply didn't get a look at what we had as he changed his pants, but suddenly they were landing. On our hole. Right on it. And jumping in?
They decloaked in piecemeal, kicking us into immediate action of grabbing point and lighting them up. Laser fire cut through the black of space and I decloaked to lay some ECM smackdown.

  That's when they realized how bad a decision it was to come to us. We were ready with a good force much faster than they predicted and happy to meet them. One of ours had the Scimi tackled and was pounding on it on the opposite side, making their day even worse. He eventually jumped in and started repping the Loki, but not before their forces began to panic and scatter. We gave chase, their Scimi oddly staying in our Scimi with one of our new recruits to keep him company. In what seemed a  hiccup in our communications, points were spread as much as we thought, so three of them warped out. Pushed for more blood by this, we finished burning the rest to rubble and spacedust. When all was settled and accounted for, it seems we lost 3 of them but got some great kills. And now we saw why they failed.

  They had jumped a Mach onto a hole in the first place, which a sniper BS is not supposed to do but it was understandable if they thought they were chasing. That allowed us to get under his guns quite easily. 3 faction sebo's though? I don't mind gettin' paid. They also had brought a Scimitar, the Minnie shield logi in with an armor gang and he was rather easy to jam. Pro.

  A good fight over all and they brought it, so props. We don't get enough fun like that, but the Narwhals always seem willing which is cool. Oh yea...I was dualboxxing that entire fight. That was my first time fighting with two clients on the same screen...on a laptop. Canhazkudos?

  As is the case in just about any sec, sometimes you get fights all the time and sometimes it's nothing for weeks. I am happy to take them where I can get them in between RL engagements. I also am happy to get blood on my Legion again...I wonder how it feels about killing its own kind. Oh well.

 There you have it, 6 months and still kickin'. I have learned much and continue to do so each time I log on. Adhoc is still recruiting the Euro/Aussie times so head on to Adhocracy Public and give a shout if you're interested.

  Fly smart

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