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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kspace Crunch

 I've mentioned how living in wormholes can alter your mindset and operational procedures quite drastically, within weeks of living there much less 6 months. Well, that was brought to the forefront and waved around madly like a man in front of a speeding truck. Except that the truck ignores it and just barrels through the man.

  Kinda like I did. And which is why Memoo now has a security status of -1.58. Oh my.

  Our wormhole chain was a rabbit warren of links with enough links to kspace to have any type of space you want. We had countless bookmarks with links to 20 systems. Yes, twenty. Annoyingly enough, the majority of the night was extremely boring and had nothing going on in any of them. Seriously, does nobody live in wspace anymore? Anyways, so some of us decided to go out into lowsec and poke around. It was a jump from nullsec and an Archon had been spotted briefly, so there was bound to be something. I get bored and just wanna kill stuff so I went out.

  Well, there kind of wasn't. Nothing we could go after at least. So we went to the nearby nullsec and poked in, while the others stayed in lowsec. Next thing I hear is one of us engaging a Hurricane on a gate and he said he was aggressed. So I warp straight at him and get my mods hot. The gate? Turns out to be a mission gate. Warning message in my face? Odd, since he supposedly aggressed first. Oh well, ignore and begin the pew! The cane melted fasted under my neuts and my corpies guns. Then again, you can see for yourself why. Aaaah my eyes! Such terribad fittings in lowsec! The gate? Turns out to be a mission gate. Not only do we get that, in my adrenaline fueled haste we nab the pod. Oh yes, my gut instincts were raging at me to make sure he gets podded back to kspace where he belongs....forgetting that I am not in null nor am I in wspace. Craaaaaap. "For your participation blahblahblah sec status lowered 3.115164 pts."

  Hooraay, I'm nearly a criminal! I went from 0.3 to -1.58 in a matter of seconds thanks to my forgetfulness and bloodlust. Which really isn't an issue since I can still go anywhere I want. It's close to getting bad though so I will have to do some nullsec ratting soon. I'm still kind of chuckling about it.

  I have also noticed my desire for more shinies. I am loving my Legion, but I want to get back to real damage at some point. I have started training up T2 lasers, my first T2 in the gunnery section, as well as hybrids. I have 2 other Legion fits in mind, another T3 to train for and many other ships on my list of things to get or at least fly. I am ridiculous. All of that on top of sekrit stuffz I need to train for instead.

  So remember kids, podding in lowsec is bad for your health unless you live there. Remember your timers and consequences or you may be in for some trouble.

  Fly intelligently

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