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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

  The summer is least for me. The sun is getting even hotter and the summer job hunting has begun. I have also started seeing the effects in Eve, as it tends to happen in summertime. There is always a slump where pilots are AFG for extended periods of time, leaving the bored or the diehard to smaller groups or solo activities.

  So if you find yourself logging in to a lull in the norm, take the opportunity to change up the routine. What to do, though?

  • Become a mission runner! - Did you burn out or decide they were too boring or monotonous so long ago? Take another stab at them, there are quite a few benefits and it beats station spinning. Earning LP gives you access to some great items, the rep with corps and factions can give you access to new jump clones and space for putting up a POS, the ISK is always a nice reward, and you may get the chance to thwart a ninja. It's not all bad.

  • Consolidate the crap - Every time you open your assets list, do you sigh as how many systems have things of so little worth? Clean up the mess and consolidate things to only systems you want or need those items in. 

  • Explore other space - Have you never been outside of highsec? Never roamed nullsec? Take the chance to get out and explore more of the 60,000 systems Eve has to offer. There are some amazing places waiting for you.

  • Solo Pvp - Have you never pvped outside the blob or without backup? Get some courage, buy a cheap ship and promise yourself to lose it. The experience you gain is priceless and the action is adrenaline surging fun.

  • Take up station trading - You don't have to leave the station to take advantage of this one. There are pilots making billions off the market, here's your chance to get your foot in the door as they are away from the computer. Need a primer? I may be able to help you there ;)

  • Get back to yarrrr - This one is simple. Create a new character, train them up into your favorite ship and go flashy. Take the sec status plunge and become a pirate, whether that is part of a prestigious corp like the Bastards or just solo profiteering, take a shot at it. You may just find your new calling.

  • Get some sun - Are you always plugged in and playing Eve? Get out, get some sun and go have fun in the real world. I know, I know it can be scary that there is another world out there, but try it anyways. Ride a bike, get a tan, read a book. 
  The list could go on and on. Find something new and run with it, then tell me about it! There's no better way of getting refreshed like trying something new.

  As for me, my days are being consumed by jobhunting, temp work, a girlfriend (they exist!), and surviving. So, enjoy and fly safe.


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