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Monday, May 16, 2011

There Goes the Neighborhood

  I've been having some interesting reads lately. First up, there's the new patch coming out Thursday. A very interesting change, especially for the carebears among us. I am a bit interested considering I plan to mission when I have the time, mainly for standings and LP. This is just makes things...different. Let's break it down.

  As of now, mission agents have a quality that essentially tells you how good the rewards will be from them. It's based on standings and some skills, but it still leads you in a line up the ladder of agents to better and better quality.  Each agent also has their own department, everything from administration to R&D. This tells you the types of missions you will get from them...mostly. You will still get a few other random types thrown in, which can be annoying when you are only set up for combat and your combat agent just gave you a mining mission. Welp, forget all that.

  Starting Thursday, your mission rewards will be based on the security status of the system you are in and no longer have their own quality. The departments will also give strictly their type of missions, no divergence. That is a welcome change in my eyes, but using the system's sec status is an iffy one. CCP is essentially trying to push MR's into lowsec, with the temptation of more shinies. I am highly skeptical it will work, since hubs will simply move to 0.5 systems, not wherever the best agent happens to be. The risk:reward is something that has needed work, but will this be the proper answer? As a corpmate stated, lowsec missioning can be quite "ass in the wind" type of operating. It's not bad if you watch local and Dscan, but some people just can't be arsed to actually put effort into MRing.

  So, what does this mean? Well let's just say I will be missioning hardcore with SOE for the next couple of days. Might as well make it work to my advantage ;)

  There are, however, other changes that caught my eye. Your onboard system scanner, NOT your Dscan, that is able to detect the presence of anomalies is getting a beef up to the 64 AU range and the time goes down to 10 sec. That is amazing for WH dwellers. Not only are you able to find everything in one go, except for those massive systems, and run them, but hunting just got sooo much easier.

  And speaking of easier, it seems scanning is getting a bit of a face lift, the wording of which is slightly confusing. Suffice to say, you may not have to agonize so much over positioning and such, making it more dangerous to be hunted by combat probes. Fun times to come >:)

   There you have it, Eve gets a little more interesting each day. Whether that's a good or bad interesting is up to you. Oh yes, and I FINALLY got some real blood on my Legion. Sadly, our KB is down at the moment so I'll have to ninjaedit the KM. Basically, we had Russians in our static link and found them to be in 3 Tengus, a Broadsword, Cane, Scorp and a Pilgrim. We scanned one down sitting at a moon...doing nothing, except when myself and my corpie jumped in to kill he turned on hardners. So we thought bait with the escalation. Nope, just ganked him and he got into another Tengu at their POS. It took something like an hour to finally get them to engage...on a highsec hole of all things! My Legion was the bait, so I took a pounding. It held up stalwartly, they could only slowly chip away at my armor and allowed our fleet to land and start the fun. I had beaten a Tengu into armor, but was forced to jump to safety and get the cap back the Pilgrim had stolen. In the end, we didn't get any kills and neither did they, but I had a blast and props to them for engaging on a highsec hole.

  There you have it. I am awaiting a mail from EON as you may have noticed I took down the ads. I am hoping to get an EON one up, with the bonus of a free sub for them.

  Enough of my rambling. Go enjoy the summer sun

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