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Friday, May 13, 2011

No Luck is Bad Luck

  This week has been a very frustrating one for me. 12 hour work days with no pay blows as it is, but look at this killboard. Take a gooood look at those top kills.

  I have missed so far:
 1 Rorq= 3 bil
 2 carriers within a 24 hour period= 3 bil
 1 Orca missed by seconds = half a bil

 and other smaller assorted shinies.  Eve hates me and she's a mistress I am not happy with at the moment. It seems when I am working...the fun happens. Bah...emorage. My only consolation lately has been the ocean of nullsec tears, ironically a large outcry from Goons, over the changes to jumpbridges. I have one word: finally. I am happy CCP got around to this and it is a good change for nullsec, despite the gnashing of teeth it produced.

  Moar changes, CCP!

  I won't beat the dead horse, as many have posted about it already. Saw a comment about "woe to small alliances" which made no sense, considering this should make it easier to hold small areas of space without the threat of massive cap fleets making the long trek. That and if a small alliance really wants nullsec space...go to wormholes. Seriously, not kidding about it. It's can be easy to hold and all that good stuff.

   Anyways, tired and frustrated so I shall end this rant. Hope your luck is better than mine.

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Ardent Finder said...

As much as I think that nullsec bittervet tears = best tears, I like the changes because they will IMPROVE nullsec life. Might make certain deployments and strategies difficult, but life will be more interesting. Also, people will inevitably figure out how to best capitalize on the situation. It's what Eve players DO.
We adapt. Or we die.