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Friday, May 27, 2011

Aurum: The Beginning of the End

  Now my title may be a bit dramatic, but it is certainly the sentiment that many seem to hold with CCP's recent press release. While the idea of micro-transactions was thought to have already been shot down, CCP has shown otherwise by giving a new system of currency called "Aurum".  Anyone else notice the Spanish there? Little weak to use it, but what do I know.

   What does this mean? Using the middle man of a PLEX for the conversion it means that people can by pretty pretty things for their avatar. Completely useless items that will royally screw PLEX prices that are already in the ridiculous zone. Have you looked at the prices lately? Within 2 days I watched prices go from selling for 375 to 392 million ISK. This is getting out of hand and will only be worsened by this new Aurum system. CCP supposedly reserves the right the screw with PLEX prices and not tell us, but I find that stupid, frankly.

  At this rate, I won't be able to play much longer. I have zero money, since all of it is going towards a certain ring and nobody will hire me for the summer. That's a different headache altogether. No, the only way I can play my favorite game is PLEXing it with ISK I work to save up each month. On top of that I am PLEXing two accounts so that I can function in wspace. That's definitely not going to keep up. This makes me rather angry, but why would CCP care about just one or two people that can't keep it up?

  The real problem for them will come if they ever give items that directly affect flying by giving an advantage to the pilot that others will have to spend real money on as well to even the field. That is when you will see a mass cancelation of accounts. Will I go that far? It may be moot with prices so high, but I may if I am still around. CCP is quickly pulling their sandbox out of the stars and into the mud. I would advise them to seriously consider their aim. I understand that they are a relatively small developer in the industry and young. I know that in business you must adapt or die. But do not destroy such a long running and loved universe for your business model. It will only breed contempt.

  My words, however, will go unnoticed and unheeded. The only thing we can do at present is watch and hope they don't go the wrong way or that we can push them back on track. We have that, as much as many don't think so, with the CSM who has already been giving CCP a stern talking to.

  Needless to say, I am a bit pissed. Perhaps, though, it will get to a point that buying PLEX with USD will become viable for me to get rich and keep my account alive. ISK is devaluing so very quickly these days.

  Stay strong, capsuleers, and stand united when needed.

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