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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Resurgence

*taps on glass* Anyone still around?

  I don't blame you, if not seeing as it's been over a year since I posted and actually...since I have even played Eve. Sad, but real life took over and my responsibilities with new full time work and a wife and son warranted my attention more than internet space ships.

  But down doesn't mean out in every instance and perhaps not even for me! Even while I was gone, I have been collab-ing with Asayanami doing the voice overs for his Wormhole Fundamentals video series and keeping up with game happenings through Adhc's private forums.

  And now,  Amazon had to go and have a PLEX sale. I hear they're stupidly high now, like 600mil per. Eesh, that was a big reason I had to quit in the first place. I PLEX to play and if I can't play enough to make that every month on top of replacing ships then the inevitable happens. But now I have a few months to burn and I have gone back to doing part time work to be able to take care of my son.

  Which brings me to the two main points of updating this old dusty blog. I am very much still a fan of Eve Online and wanting to make sure people understand and enjoy it just as much. So educating the noobs and rocking fleets with the vets is something I want to continue, but in a different form.

  I have (re)started a Youtube channel that I intend to use for gaming related stuff and one of the series I want to kick off with is a Progression's Horizon step-by-step for new players. CCP has done a decent job getting their tuts better but with so much info to absorb, I feel it would be beneficial to give people something they can watch before even getting in game or alongside so that they have a direction to go from the beginning without having to do a much of TL;DRs that would shortchange their development or sense of wonder.  It will be tons of info for a while, since I want to cover every detail they may need starting out but in the long run, I want it turning into a mature series that keep players fired up for Eve even if they're a burnt out vet. I'm sure others might have done something similar but I have never been aware of any so I figured I'd translate the mission of my blog into its new form.

  My second bit was that this blog very well may stay dormant since I am so busy and the videos is my new blogging. I'll stick the vid updates here that are relevant to Eve since I'll be doing other games on my channel, but do me the favor of hitting that sub button and share! I may do guest blogs over at Asay's WH Fundamentals site and I'll hollar if I do.

  So all of this to say that my blog's name was one I chose for a reason. The horizon always exists for progression and evolution, whether in writing or video or what have you. I do apologize that it has been so long and I hope you guys have always known how much I appreciate the silent reads and support you've given over the years. Let's take the next step and keep rockin'.


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Druur Monakh said...

That's the beauty of RSS feed readers (and why I hate websites): no matter how long somebody is gone, I will see their posts when they're back.

Welcome back!