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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Line

I have been rather lazy in keeping up with the happenings of fanfest, only having watched one or two recording of events. There has been all sorts of news about DUST, CSM elections, modules and so on. Some of it is pretty cool but I have learned quickly that what is said at Fanfest is usually just hopes and dreams. As long as nobody listens to Meissa about wormhole stabilizers, I'm happy.

Specifically on the CSM elections, I’m quite satisfied that Two Step pulled as many votes as he did. While he was part of the backup in the last CSM, he now has a more prominent place and I hope that translates to wormholes being taken a bit more seriously. It certainly means one less null sec rep to whine.

But of course, now the only talk concerning Fanfest is the Mittani’s stupidity. It always surprises me how people forget how vile Mittens can be. He’s a Goon, do people really expect things to change simply because he happens to be on the CSM? Just means he has a pulpit to more prominently spew forth.

The issue is that he drunkenly and flippantly encouraged players to harass a capsuleer, giving out his name during the panel, through ganking and all the fun stuff that Eve allows. That’s fine, ganking is an everyday thing and welcome to Eve. Where I draw the line is encouraging player harassment to the point of suicide.

The discussion about the threat’s validity is moot. Suicide is an issue that is far too common in the world we live in and to make a joke out of it is sociopathic. I would rather the line get drawn at racial slurs and bigoted jokes, but for Eve I know that is asking too much. That would get rid of most of the local banter. It is just a game, but game or not words can be powerful and one is not somehow absolved of all responsibility once they are behind the screen of anonymity the internet provides. Mittens even less so, since he is in the public eye through CCP’s broadcasting. Some may think otherwise but the EULA does cover out of game harassment. Mittens telling people to gank him isn't covered, but pushing someone to commit suicide is pretty obviously cyber bullying with clear intent.

Oh that that apology of his after he sobered up? I don't believe it for a second, especially when something like this suddenly shows up:

GSF Policy Update
During the Jita undock hellcamp. All gankers must send the victim this evemail and it must be spammed in local:
"Are you feeling distressed by this game? Like you might do something you regret? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255! National Suicide Prevention Lifeline"

  Threats of suicide becoming an Eve meme is just sick. I expect better of players, but perhaps I am simply too hopeful for the majority of humanity. Think whatever you want, but this is black and white, not some blurry line. One is a game while the other is real life and while ganking is fine in the game, pushing someone to commit suicide is clearly wrong.

  I'm out.

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