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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jolly Saint Nyx

  Well I said I'd tell ya, so here's the story of Jolly Ole' Saint Nyx. He's something of a folklore around wspace, since few see him and fewer beat him with a baseball bat, thinking he's a burglar.

  The chains of wormholes can get very long, it all depends on the day and what type you're dealing with in the first place. You could be on the C5 superhighway one minute and popping your nose into Empire space the next. So with a rat warren of holes, most of them boring, my corpmates and I start poking the local nullsec'ers. I logged in as they were scanning down mission runners in a very full and busy system, so I joined in on the fun.

  Surprisingly we kept scanning and popping them, as they just kept missioning. Guess they don't communicate much. Well, they get brave eventually and one of ours decides to sit on their station. Soon their "response fleet" undocks and...well we almost felt bad for what happened. Almost.

  That soon fizzles out so I had to log. Later in the day, someone lets me know things are heating up in a different nullsec system that we found. Cool, I'll log in and see what's up but we usually don't get anything good in nullsec. They either 200 man blob or just run. Luck has been different lately, though, so who knows.

  I get on and make my way to where we are staging, trying to get things sorted out. Comms seems a bit hectic so I see if we have an FC. We don't. Welp, nothing like the present so I step up. I'm not sure why but I seem to be doing that more often as of late. Must be a phase.

  I start to get things ordered, see who is where and what we know already. Turns out there's a couple carriers and a support fleet sitting on the other side of the wormhole, waiting for us and one of ours is already shaking his tail feathers at them. They must have thought he was stuck since they went for him something fierce. They mostly stick to the nullsec side, but a Domi does pop in at one point to say hi. No blood drawn on either side, but they are definitely interested.

  We ended up with no eyes, so I send someone in to have a looksy. He lists things off and says a bubble is up. Then the bubble gets taken down. Orly? We had our forces ready and more were being contacted via smoke signals. Yes it's space and there's smoke, deal with it.

  So we jump into null and start playing Eve.

  Bubble up, grab points with priority on those carriers. I look for the smallest tanked ships that will be easy to pop and get some dps off our backs. Hurricanes and Myrms get called first, while Drakes and battleships are next. They all start melting as the fleet does a fantastic job of going rabid. Nothing brings out the kids like blood to be had.

  When we could pop pods we did, but in nullsec that could mean they are only a jump away. They put up a fight and their initial dps burns all life out of one of our pilgrims. But our logi decided that would be the only freebie and got to work as did I. While calling primary for the dps, I also was deciding my own ECM primaries and calling those for anybody that had also decided to bring the jams.

  Lasers responded to missiles and electronic noise met energy neutralizers as we fought back a force that kept coming. They were trying to draw us off the hole as well, but I was keeping the fleet close. If they decided to cyno 200 pilots into us like I feared then I wanted me and mine out. But as the battle wore on, it was clear they weren't about to do that. It wasn't long before we drifted out and the battle raged as their support fleet only came in piece meal, nabbed by our ever-present bubble and quickly melted. FCing soon became more about the occasional small ship primary and then back to focusing on the carriers we had tackled.

  But by the time we had gotten to them, the opposition had decided to drop a Nyx into the fray. Without even having to say a thing, one of our HIC pilots calls infinipoint on the poor sod. A Mom is a problem usually since we had just had a Nyx dropped on us by Bloodbound. as well. They had remote ECMed our fleet, allowing 2 of their carriers to escape while we ate the first 2. So we waited for that to happen again. And waited. And kept shooting while we waited some more.

  It never came. We had been talking since the Bloodbound. encounter and it was time to see if we could put our talks into action. So we worked the carriers down, who didn't have triage. As complete ratter carriers, it wasn't as hard as it usually is to eat through their ships. But with random ships warping in on us it did take a little longer than it should have. Some of those random ships were bombers, but a couple of pilots were getting very good at catching them so I just let them and focused on the caps.

  Pretty soon, all we had left was the Nyx so we started in and hoped for the best. You have to remember, Moms aren't really a threat to subcap fleets since they don't have dps to handle small targets and they really aren't much tougher than a carrier. But we were more worried he would self destruct or a giant fleet was still amassing. Especially since a frigate soon showed up and cyno'ed right in the middle of us. After having a small heart attack, it was popped without anything coming through and we went back to the Nyx.

  We were biting nails as it bled structure. When you're that close to killing a supercap with only a handful of pilots, it gets tense. But oh, the pure joy when we watched that beautiful and fiery explosion light up the dark expanse of space. Comms erupted, with a bit of yelling to stop shouting...heh. First wspace corp to kill a supercap? If I'm wrong, leave a comment with a linky.

  The sad part was throughout the fight I kept asking if anyone was FRAPsing. No such luck, but we were taking plenty of screenies for the momentous occasion. But as if this all wasn't enough, Shadow of xxDeathxx showed up with 2 carriers of their own. There's was a bit of "..Really?" on comms but not before points were called and they were taken down as well.

  Still wary of this getting around and another fleet dropping I got some eyes out and got our haulers to work on picking up the mess that was our field of victory. I couldn't have found a better group of capsuleers to fly with if I tried.

  This is all the long winded way of saying we had some fun and shot some stuff. Tactically, it was a pretty straight up fight. Jump in, start shooting til all is dead, loot. There was nothing brilliant in the way I said "hey guys, shoot this guy" or how we chased enemies around. We just kinda let them come to us.

  And for all that, I have to give a big thanks to STR8NGE BREW. Mega props for not only bringing an epic fight, but not SDing when they could have. We were all high for the rest of the day on that fight and those that missed it gave us plenty of WTFs xD

The mess stretched over 200km from the hole

  It seems I also somehow acquired a couple new titles :3 yea...turns out I missed a school final xD

    Happy Holidays

PS It's like 5 am so when i can I'll add more pretty pics and whatnot

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