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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Not So Distant Place

  As pilots continue to be disappointed and upset over CCP's botched responses and lack of proper promises or trust building action, more and more are choosing to leave New Eden altogether. This saddens me, but their vote goes with their dollar. I hope CCP truly understands that soon.

  But where to go? There are few if any MMOs that are like Eve. I would almost stretch to say none. So what can fill the void of internet spaceships?


  If you are a fan of robots or mech type games, you'll love Perpetuum. There is already scores of Eve refugees that have subbed up and begun a new journey. And the game is not that different from Eve. Instead of spaceships, you have mechs. You have "Extension Points" that you are able to accrue simply by having an account and then apply to your character. Think of it as a more free form skill queue. You can only have 3 characters and your EPs count for all of them, but it seems quite simple.

  It's also a single shard, harsh, open Pvp world that offers much and has much more room to grow. The mining is actually more complicated and the economy seems to be exactly how Eve's is set up. If you must leave Eve, at least find a new home with Perpetuum. I immediately took to it and will be pursuing it, even though I am staying with Eve.

 There is an Eve channel, make sure to join and say hey. You'll find many familiar faces as well as strangers. I hear Helicity is haunting it already.

  In whatever universe you are, good luck. Also, canihazurstuff? :PP


Shirralia said...

Hey man, don't leave us yet, there might still be hope at the end of the tunnel! CCP is appearently getting the CSM flown in to Iceland to... I don't know what they're gonna do, but it's obviously something about everything going on at the moment.


Memoocan said...

Lol I'm not going anywhere, it'll take a lot of P2W items to take on wormhole dwellers. I am just enjoying other games til Eve rage dies down a bit.

Flying the CSM to Iceland is pointless imo. The CSM told them already what needs to happen and is the PR that CCP failed to hire in the first place. And how will flying them out do anything to the good when the CSM has basically given up on CCP and I hardly see CCP listening as they should have in the first place. Idk, I guess I will simply wait to see what happens for now