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Thursday, June 2, 2011

This, That and the Other

  Summer has really kicked in now, because we can't seem to find much to do in wormholes. Although I did just help steal a Tengu that was nearly all faction fit with t2 rigs. It felt sooo good. That was one among many shiny things we got.

  But no good fights lately. Although I lost my Legion when we got counter ganked a bit ago and have been missioning to work my ISk back up. Mech's account went inactive because I'm broke IRL and just about in game, unfortunately. So things are kinda just sloggin along.

  I paid off my engagement ring and pick it up in a day or two which is awesome. I'll be a right engaged man soon enough. Of course, this prompted a funny thing on my corp forums where they tried to make a "sekrit forum of doom" that was invisible to me. Amusingly I could see it when it was created, but in the spirit of fun and curiosity I let them know and can no longer see it. "Mem's Wedding Gift" is now in my head and making me crazy with curiosity of what's being said. I could make a new alt, train him up, work his way through the Uni and then back into Adhoc as to gain separate forum access and the ability to see that thread....but by that time I'd be married :P

  I am also anticipating Incarna, as much as some people don't care or want it. I think it's a good way to get some new blood and different attention for Eve. I also would have something to do on these slow, slow days. CCP should certainly look into POS environments as well, imho. I think it'd be awesome to be able to go in and walk the tower. Maybe even go for different looks with faction towers, keep it fresh and what not. But I'm just dreaming. After all, only CCP could make my T3 fly backwards and move a POS 5, 000km from the moon in a patch.

  How goes things for you?

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