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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Son, I Am Disappoint

  I have hesitated to post this before now simply because there's a lot of bitterness and anger over the results. Some of that is my own and since this is my blog and I get to say things that may be fan boi-ish or bitter or whatever, I can. You have been forewarned.

  This tourney has been a great one, with some really intense fights and set-ups that were a bit surprising at times. I think the most used would be the Tengu kiting blob or the Minmarush strategies. I have enjoyed it all immensely and plan on rewatching or finding the matches I couldn't watch live.

  But the ending left a foul taste in the mouths of many, since it was blatantly obvious to be a rigged match and not the epic final battle fans had been anticipating. The teams, Outbreak and HYDRA RELOADED, are bff's and it seems Outbreak wanted HYDRA to place first. As the match went, Outbreak decimated HYDRA within 3 minutes, leaving an Oneiros and a Vindicator on the field. It should have been over. Instead, they ceased fire and even self destructed two ships, letting HYDRA slowing pick off their ships one by one with only the Vindi, who then strutted around when it won as if it was totally BA. And what do they have to say? A member of HYDRA made a wall of text trying to explain and justify what they did and all the :effort: they went through for the tourney.

  Personally, I don't care about all the BS and say it was a disgrace. Alliance tournaments are not sandbox, they are not "Eve" pvp. That's not why I watch them, I could just explore Youtube for player vids for that. I watch to see who can field their set ups and strategies well in this given setting. Yes, there is a ridiculous amount of meta-gaming in Eve and I don't dispute the ability. But to openly and shamelessly rig a match, and a final at that, and then try to wave around your e-honor is the epitome of selfish stupidity. But there's plenty of that kind of talk in the thread for you to read.

  Right now, I can't give you the video itself until CCP uploads it, but here's their page. Make sure to check back there for yourself if you missed the match. My gripe isn't against metagaming or friendship. If you earned your place in the finals, good on ya. But do not decide to take a crap on the audience and CCP, who made it possible at all, and rig it. That's just weak. I watch to be entertained, not watch one team bend over just as they were destroying the other.

  RL is kicking up so my writing has slowed along with my game time, but I have a big ole' post waiting for you all and I hope to be able to get it out soon. As a teaser, you may have already heard about it. But I won't say much more ;)

  As always, take it easy

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