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Friday, June 24, 2011

When Srs Gets Too Srs

  It seems that today, capsuleers have decided to respond to CCP Pann's PR post by staging a protest in Jita and the surrounding systems. There have reportedly been attempts to shoot the alliance tournament monument that is set outside of Jita 4-4.

  As I posted on Twitter, I find this to be getting ridiculous. If this kind of effort and outrage could be channeled into real life needs and causes, much could be accomplished. Instead, players are emoraging at a developer that they should be well accustomed to by now. They are people, people that are doing a job and are going to make mistakes. Yes, I'm sorry your internet spaceships isn't just the way you want it to be.

  Chill out.

  That is all.

*NINJAEDIT* For the record, I agree with protesting for the right reasons so as long as this in response to the internal leak thing, I think I can be a bit more ok with it. Just make sure you protest intelligently and read the whole newsletter, not just part. MTs for benefit will never be ok with me.

*EDIT 2* Here's the new devblog. CCP, of course, gave a stand-offish non-apology that means just about nothing. Good job...


Shandir said...

Choosing to ignore your playerbase's clearly stated requests (The MT poll) and their representatives (CSM) is not a mistake. Nor is keeping their plans secret because they know it would upset us.
It's a calculated plan to force what we don't want into the game.

Anonymous said...

CCP Zulu confirmed it by ignoring the elephant in the room. MT for non vanity items IS coming.

Memoocan said...

Aye, I full heartedly agree that this was a terrible move by CCP. I have read much of the threadtitans and have gotten more than a bit pissed at CCP myself. This is unacceptable and idiotic of them, but I still hope Eve lives through it. I love the people and game too much to want it to just die like this