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Monday, June 6, 2011

DUST514 at E3

   I have to say I am thoroughly disappointed by CCP. They have proven to me that they do either do no market research or they completely fail at it. Watching the E3 stream, CCP announced that DUST514, their vaunted FPS brainchild, will be a PS3 exclusive.


  Not only is the PSN network complete crap and has already been hacked 3 times, but the PS3 itself is nothing more than a glorified and overpriced Bluray player. The PS3 player base is not big enough to justify the exclusive restriction and it's not as if it makes it some elite game. And they say they are making it work with the PS3's equivalent of the Xbox's Kinect.

  *Le sigh* CCP, when will you get it right the first time and do it the way it should be done?



Kelduum Revaan said...

You do realise that they couldn't possibly do what they want to do on XBOX 360?

They are planing all content to be free for all, the same as EVE, which means multiple free content updates, which MS heavily dislike.

XBOX Live is a very closed system, as demonstrated by Valve not being able to do the Steamworks stuff in Portal 2 for it, and MS require about a week of testing before they allow your content on XBL, including patches, and until MS allow this, its PS3 or PC only.

Remember, it took EA ages to get them to allow people to connect to their servers.

As far as a PC version, there has never been one mentioned officially, but 'exclusive' in these cases tends to mean platform exclusive, so don't rule one out eventually.

Per Bastet said...

Any DLC over 100 MB Microshaft REQUIRE that you Charge for it, they also REQUIRE that your servers are hosted by Microshaft, it's also not allowed to talk to anything outside of their network. The PS3 platform is the only choice if they want to bring it out on the PC at a later point.

Nevore said...

Hadn't realised all of that, I was all set to write a ranting post in agreement with Memoo.
I think it's odd that they've made no mention of a pc version at all though.
The way I see it they're not going to, or they are and they're not telling us so we'll buy it on ps3 first so they can get good sales and be seen as some kind of a success in the console world.
Either way I'm not entirely happy.

Shandir said...

In addition "glorified and overpriced Bluray player" - do you really claim this is objective fact?

There's no need for the fanboy ranting, there's enough of it on the forums.

I honestly wouldn't hold out much hope for the PC version any time soon - they've been pretty clear in their dismissal of that concept each time. But it's not impossible.

I suspect that even to merge with the EVE universe would break MS's network rules, though.

All in all, the game looks quite interesting (similar to games like Tribes and BF), and it doesn't really matter much to me which system it's on. I just hope that it gathers enough support that CCP keep developing it like they do EVE.

Jimmy Chowda said...

All about marketing, IMO. The drawback from being an exclusive at launch will be compensated with the necessary marketing campaign which CCP can't afford.