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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alliance Tourney 9

  The teams have been getting whittled down and now the matches are being shown on EveTV. Each year, alliances pay to duke it out and find who the best is in the arena.

  Pandemic Legion has taken the gold, so to speak, year after year in recent history. Will they be unseated this year? It will take a brilliant strategist to bring them down, or just pure driving willpower. It is certainly interesting to see the choices of loadout different teams choose in hopes of climbing the ladders. There has been quite a bit of shield gangs with logi support. I wouldn't want to lose a Tengu just for the tourney, but it seems many are doing just that.

  The tourney is also a good way of showing people a fun part of Eve. There are a couple friends of mine that are always saying they want to see something actually happen, not just me sitting in space. That's hard to just have happen on a whim, but this is the perfect event to show them things that go boom.

  So kick back and enjoy

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