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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Olga Got Thirsty

  So I haven't really come up with a better name yet...sue me. It fits her after all, being so big and...well not that I am implying anyone named Olga is necessarily big, know....oh nevermind.

  Last week or so I saw fit to release my beautiful beast from the shackles of station life, tentatively undocking and vigorously spamming the warp command until she was safely away. My poor mouse. Happily, she gracefully slid into motion like a massive pair of hippie pants, albeit deadly hippie pants. She is not quite as ludicrously expensive as she will be sometime soon, but she is enough so that I can make good use of her. Or stare at while in the relative safety of the shiny bubble I call home.

  I figure there are few times I shall use her, but I shall find as many as I can. Frankly, I surprised myself tonight by using her before I even thought her fit to do so. Oh, but I quite enjoyed it and it left me wanting more so let me regale you, my dear reader.

  As I logged into comms, things were peaceful and I drifted away from my station to be with a pretty lady. After a bit of watching sharks on the tele, I heard comms get a bit chatty. So I nipped over to see what the fuss was about and it seemed to be that we had some neighbors getting a bit cheeky. And by cheeky, I mean they tried to scan down some of our pilots who were innocently mining away. So there was talking and some scouting and analyzing and some eyes that glazed over after the minutes just dragged on. Admittedly I owned said eyes, but it really did just drag. This went for a long time, til finally we had been sitting on our connecting hole with a few chaps when one of them decided to have a poke about.

  Bad move, mate.

  His little covert ops frigate made a mighty dash and got a cloak up. With a bit of grumbling we sped around until he made an encore appearance. I don't think he got along with our fastlock. And then off went his pod, bouncing around the system avoiding us. And here we just wanted to help him find his way out...through some cloning facilities, perhaps, but in the nice way of course.

  Apparently he got bored, since he logged. This got his buds into a bit of motion as they were bouncing all over at range on their side. I guess they wanted their friend back, but obviously not that badly if they weren't going to come get him. So it went for a loooong time, us watching them try to decide to do like a barrel of ADD fish. At this point I had gotten into a frigate to catch the pod and our fleet had diminished drastically. I felt a bit vulnerable and fragile, so I decided to get a bit beefier. Hence Olga coming out to play. Even this was in a bit of jest, since I never thought to actually use her. Just pretend to crash our hole and force their hand or give them shiny bait. The hippie pants can be quite compelling.

  More back and forth between the two sides and finally one of ours logs in with his Mach to go straight for them. At this point, the opfor finally amassed two Tengus, a Rokh, Legion, Proteus, Scorpion, and a Harbringer. I thought there were more T3s but it's late so who knows. Anyways, they decide to finally engage our poor lone Mach. This brings the rest of our fleet, which had refilled and then some to quite the force. Then it was on.

  I urged Olga through the wormhole with soothing murmurs of blood to come. She must have understood, because she went eagerly. The only Tengu to actually arrive was first on the menu, but out of my range so I went to work on the Legion who was in hump range. Webs and point on, drones launched and snack time commenced as he graciously began to melt. It was not quick enough, however, as he decided to jump out of the fray. Sad Vindi is sad. Back to the Tengu!

  No matter, there are others about. It was at this point I noticed neuts from the Rokh eating my capacitor away. So like a booze hound begging for change, I drank from the faucet of cap boosters and kept my point bouncing around to targets I didn't hear were pointed. Bad idea that, since the Legion came back through and poofed away along with the Rokh leaving our party. No worries, as we had a few others to chew into. As an ECM enthusiast, it was my pleasure to burn this terribad fit into space since he had been shutting down most of our points. Then I noticed the naughty little Harby that was trying to sneak out the back, like some bad houseguest. Well, 90% webs will do the trick for that and make short work of poor manners.

  Alas, twas all that we would have of these fellows after we cleared the field of debris. I guess their friend was not worth it as we soon found his corpse in space...what a tease. At least it has a good home now.

  It felt good to get a bit of blood all over Olga, she's kinky like that. It also gave me a good gauge for what she can handle as far as cap warfare and engagement range or engagement type. But I loved every second of it, expense justified.

  And with that I bid you adieu. I believe I shall make my fashionably late analyzation of the latest dev blogs in my coming posts, but for now sleep beckons.

  Don't be afraid to get a little wild sometimes

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