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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

There's Also A Reason...

  That I should go to bed at a reasonable hour. If I don't, like tonight as many other nights, bad or crazy things happen to me or I do them myself. Either way, it can have interesting outcomes. So, while my last post was a sleep deprived night of loss and anger, tonight is a night of elation and poverty.

  Why, you ask? Just pretend you asked, alright? Well, I kind of went of a spending spree. My wallet has been rather healthy lately, thanks to my usual frugal nature and some work I have been doing that rewarded me in isk. My legion loss was a big hit, but I didn't want to get back into one anytime soon.  But if someone offers you a new T3 for free, just because "they have one sitting around"...don't think, just thank them profusely as you accept the contract. You might wanna check it, just to be sure it's actually that T3 :P

  Ambiguity aside, someone gave me a Legion hull like a saint. I had subs sitting around from a second fit I forgot about and some in Jita just waiting to be sold. So I fit up my new shiny Legion after buying a final subs and fittings, over-tanked like a mothertrucker, and happily took it home. I also noticed 3% armor implants are only 10 mil...really? I nabbed that while I was out. Yay, more EHP! If you're on grid trying to shoot might wanna switch targets.

  But my free-flowing ISK didn't stop there. T3s are the new HACs, after all, so what we need is a big buck expenditure. Something to really make 'em say oooh and aaah. So I give you, Olga! Temporary name, though, methinks.

  Thanks to CQ, it's a crapshoot trying to get decent screenies and I'm too tired to care. I'd get in-space shots, but there's no heckin' way I'm undocking her yet. If it's too dark or hard to tell, yes it is indeed a Vindicator.

  Now, before you run off to trying getting your locator agents to find me you may as well not. Like I said, this baby ain't going anywhere for a loooong time. I have all of 30mil ISk to my name, so she has no fittings. I want her tricked out properly for her maiden voyage, and that will only be at an undisclosed time. I should probably figure out more than one or two uses for her as well. I'm sure I can find some for a ship with well over 100k EHP and 1500dps...and don't forget the ridiculous web bonus ;D

  But there you have it, from one end of the spectrum to the other. This was not, believe it or not, a complete impulse buy. I have been debating a faction battleship for a loooong time. I just finally decided to pull the trigger on one of the more useful ones. Everyone has Bhaalys these days and I gotta represent my Gallente pride after all. Besides, the Mega hull is so sexy.

  Anyways, it's about time I sleep.

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