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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A New Look

  A long time ago, or what seems like a long time ago, I told you that I would add those little ads into the blog site to see if monetizing would be something worthwhile or would even work for me. Short answer, it didn't or at least I just didn't give it much time to do so. I think I got up to fifty cents or something in a month or two, so I called it quits.

  Not long after, I began a conversation with the good folks over at EON magazine. Many months later, we have things sorted out and they have graciously allowed me to partner with them. So, those of you that visit my site in a browser rather than a feed will notice some re-arranging. On the left you will now find the list of posts and links to other useful page, while on the right you will notice the list of subscribers and the pretty picture that links to EON. They are great people, so I am happy to support them and encourage you do to so as well.

  I don't get any money from you clicking it so don't worry. I am a bit annoyed with the Blogger interface since you can see that the picture is a bit bigger than the window it is supposed to be inside. I was hoping the interface would compensate automatically and adjust around it, but it seems I overestimated my host. So now I look like a noob, but hopefully that will be fixed soon. If not, then so be it. I'm sure most of you read me on feeds anyways.

  Now back to your semi-regularly scheduled program.

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