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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Shift In Perspective

  Wow, I just noticed that this blog will be a full year old next month., guess time flies, eh?

  So with my last post being about a new shiny on my page, it was a change something that was in line with a train of thought I have had for a few months now. This was then compounded when a reader contacted me with a proposal to act on that train of thought.

  In this whole year of writing, not much has changed visually. A failing on my part, to be sure.

  It was proposed that the blog get a facelift, a good Wordpress work over and some shakin' around to jazz my little corner up a bit. And I quite like the idea, since I have been feeling slightly limited by the interface provided. Blogger is a great host to start your journey, but one does feel some growing pains eventually.

  Why are you blabbering to us about this?

 Ah! Good question, dear reader, and one I shall now address. I want your opinion! If you would be so kind as to give me your impression or qualms. Would changing location and/or format disturb you or prevent further readership? While this is certainly my place to do as I wish, I do tend to wish to make myself as available and accessible as you would need.

  I will be giving this all a good ponder for a time and if it comes about that a shift is good I will do my best to preserve all that has been amassed here at Progression's Horizon. There is still much to be written and the horizon hardly ends.

  Whether in a comment here, a mail in Eve, or a pigeon by air, let me know what you think!


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Viperous Stark said...

I read though RSS Feeds so layout doesnt matter to me :)