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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wormhole Summit

  Since I have moved into wormholes, many things changed for my play time and my mindset in Eve. I quickly became comfortable in them and now chuckle at those I find along the way that don't seem to understand the environment.  I also think that, since wormholes are the true endgame of Eve, explaining the mechanics and realities of wormhole life falls to any who live there and want others to enjoy it. Of course, for some that just means more targets to hunt, but nevermind that.

  All this to say I just listened to quite an interesting episode of the Podgoo Podcast, a special "wormhole summit". Members of Lonestar Explorations, the Night Crew, and Z3RO Returns Mining joined the podcast to talk about expectations and the way some corporations function in the unique setting. 

  It was certainly a great opportunity to see how others operate and see wormhole space. They really emphasized leadership and structure to the way the corp operates, going so far as to saying leadership should provide things for the corp to do. That I can tell you is not so, at least it is not some hard requirement. I am part of an adhocracy, the very name of our corp being our philosophy in our play style. We do not have structure as others seem to need nor do we look to directors for our activities. If we want to do something, we do it. There's nothing keeping you from finding something to do on your own or with a few people. The type of person that will thrive in wormholes is someone who can adapt, survive, think for themselves and act when it is necessary without the red tape. But that's simply my opinion, so don't take that too much to heart or as a shot at the podcast. ADHC is a bit unique in Eve, not that I'm biased ;)

  Anyways, give it a listen and take away what you will from it. I enjoy hearing others' opinions and experiences in wormholes. My own ventures into podcasting seem to have stagnated sadly, but I am always happy to lend my own voice to others. If any are reading. *winkwink*


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