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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Culture Shock and Spreading Wealth

  So it seems there's a couple things in the works that will prove to be interesting developments for Eve. The first I find slightly amusing given the recent turmoil, but it seems there is a contest for entries about your favorite experience in Eve. When the entries reach a certain amount, everyone in Eve gets Aurum and there's some contests as well. The second event being the Japanese invasion of TQ.

  The first one came in a recent devblog titled "Eve is real because of you." It is an advertising campaign that seeks the creative works like videos and posters done by capsuleers. As I said above, it will give everyone Aurum, but they hint also that the more entries there are then the more that gets unlocked. I wonder if it's more Aurum or more things of differing nature. Either way, it's a quick and easy way of getting people excited about a few minutes in the limelight with their own works as well as giving some free points toward the sore issue of MTs. Do some stuff, get free stuff.

  The second event I was not expecting, but sounds fun. It seems the release of Eve in Japan will be connected to TQ and they will be mingling with us Western folks. I find this exciting, since new blood means culture shock between us both and new targets. Unleashing a new horde may give a new look to the nullsec map eventually, if they find a taste for it. Since Japan is a hard market to sell shooters like Dust and PC games like Eve, it remains to be seen how this will unfold. Hopefully well, in my opinion.

  So, get your entries ready and keep your guns warm for a welcome to our eastern neighbors.

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