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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CSM Minutes and Wormholes Iterations

  The CSM minutes for May are now out and there are some interesting things there to read if you like that kinda stuff. These minutes has me a bit hot under the collar. EON magazine's newest issue also features wormholes and

  Starting with the minutes, I'll just throw a quote out:

"Based on comments by CCP Greyscale in a previous session, the subject of removing "ABC" minerals from wormholes was raised by nullsec-resident CSMs, who were surprised to learn that WH space was nullsec and that ABC minerals were available in them. They favored entirely removing ABC from WH space -- or limiting them to C5 and C6 holes -- but the two wormhole-resident CSMs objected strongly, pointing out that exporting minerals from deep wormhole space was difficult, and much of it was likely consumed locally. An argument was made by some CSMs that the prices of ABC ores and refined products were being crashed by "daytrippers" mining in easily-accessible wormhole space; other CSMs stated that no nerfing of ABC minerals should take place without first obtaining detailed statistics about the balance of trade for each mineral and class of wormhole."

  The fact that many of the CSM had no knowledge of wormholes is disturbing, considering how long they have played and their new high status placement. I also find it amusing since the most frequent "daytripper" are nullsec dwellers that only see wspace as a "carebear candyland". Then, when they apparently find out what it is they object to our playstyle and living environment. Excuse me? Nullsec tears tend to be my guilty pleasure sometimes, but this one hits home. We are nullsec and we do have the advantages. But unlike them, we don't have local or jumpbridges or gates so we do have disadvantages. Leave my space alone, it's fine the way it is. Now, that's not to say any of those changes would happen, but I worry for wormholes sometimes. 

Later in the minutes you will find this gem as well:

"The CSM brought up Superveld and the need for high-yield low-end asteroids in nullsec to remove the need to compress and import everything from hisec. CCP Greyscale was cautiously in favor of this, depending upon what the statistics might show"

 Lolwut? I'd say there are too many carebear nullsec'ers on the CSM. Take away ABC ore from wspace and give nullsec some better low-end ore? Hell naw, brosif, shed your tears elsewhere. 

  Which leads me into the EON issue #24. I'm happy to see them feature wormholes, since the more people know is usually the better. I'm not, however, sure about the implications that some of the articles were showing. It seems CCP is thinking of picking up the lost toy that is wspace and "iterating" on it. That's enough to get people worried, when we aren't sure what they will break or throw in against player wishes. The only real "issues" with wspace are the bookmark copy mechanic, POS mechanics, and corp mechanics. Those are things that will benefit everyone in the game, so when I'm unsure of what they might do I think the worst. 

  Stations in wspace? Tiered wspace? Making things easier in any regard? No. Thanks. Outposts, if done correctly, might be pretty cool. 

  But these are only my worries and reservations and even though many share them I will leave you to make your own conclusions and thoughts. 


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