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Sunday, July 24, 2011

CSM Gets Some Priorities

  I'm a bit late to the party in this post, but better late than never. The CSM needs your help, yet again, to get the priorities of the community in order so they can push the proper issue with CCP.

  Here's the list.

  There are plenty of good items on the list and this time around. things are slightly different with your voting.

 * Each ballot is worth 20 points, divided equally between the items selected. No item can get more than 3 points per ballot, so pick at least 7 to ensure all your points are used. In the example above, Bugshunter Bunny picked 10 items, so each of his selections will receive 2 points. If he picked 40 items, each would receive 1/2 of a point.

* Based on player feedback on previous prioritizations, this time around you can also vote against items. To do this, just put a "-" in front of an item you want to vote against. For example:

Negativity Duck,1,7,19,24,25,3,99,-27,-44,-57

In this case, 10 votes are being cast, so each is worth 2 points, but 7 of them will add 2 points and 3 of them will subtract two points. Note that casting negative votes makes your positive votes less powerful!

* Since we will be looking at the results both with and without negative votes, please make sure you pick at least 7 positive vote items to ensure that your votes get full weight when only positive votes are considered.

  It is a bit oddly worded, but essentially you get to vote for and against items on the list, which are weighted with points. Use all your points to make sure you have an effective vote, or don't if you don't care much.

  So, with all that's on there what are you looking to have improved? There are some great ones that will be getting my votes:

12 Balance Self Destruct
27 Corp Bookmarks
28 Corp & Alliance Tool Overhaul
85 Possibly Practical POS Proposal
88  Reconnect to lost drones

123 T3 Refitting in Wspace
139 Unanchoring Abandoned POSes

  Choose wisely!

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