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Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Wormholes Attack

  It seems the storyline is finally moving forward in regards to wormhole space. Or at least, the forgotten toy is being picked back up and played with a bit. If you live in or at least keep a pulse on all the happy-haps in wspace, you already know. For those that don't, a recent post here explains a bit. I have been wondering if it's because a while ago, this derp moment happened and Dropbear rolled with it.

  So it seems that miners are even more unsafe in wormholes, despite what some others think of our space. Not only do we have to watch out for capsuleers looking for easy prey, but now Sleepers will drop on us and beat our faces in. So much for them waiting to get punched first anymore. The Blazing Angels alliance learned the hard way when a wormhole opened up in their grav site.

  However, this is pretty cool in my opinion. The fact that you can find the "Awakened Infomorph" with your dscan is handy, giving me all the more reason to spam it. It also gives wormholers yet another reason to be on their toes. I'd say it's a win-win situation, and all the better for having the potential to move the wormhole storyline forward after next to no help from CCP.

An old screenie of mine that shows our silent foe
 Keep an eye here for any breakthroughs and a weathered eye on your dscan. You never know what will happen next.

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