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Friday, April 1, 2011

When You Have More Isk Than Sense...

"Combat probes within 4 AU of us."

  The alert certainly got all of us perked up as we camped a connection, waiting for the residents of that hole to come out and play.  A few moments later there was more comm chatter, "Falcon on scan now. Get ready, they have us pinpointed."

  With opportunities from two directions, this was getting interesting. We had popped a few of the idiots on top of their POS and stolen all of their POS modules. Don't leave your stuff unanchored around us. They had a carrier pilot logged in and we were hopeful, but nothing had happened in a while. In such a mixed fleet, we weren't sure what this new contact would turn out to be.

  One of our pilots decides to find where they came from, finding a new connection in system and waiting on it. Fifteen minutes go by without anything happening from either side. Then we find out what found us.

"Tengu on sca--Tengu on grid, Tengu on grid."

  The scout then called out more targets. Three Tengus, Eos, Drake, and two Scimitars. That can be a nasty fleet in the right hands. It didn't seem to be, though, since the Tengu dropped on us alone...then a Loki and another Tengu..then the Drake...and the Falcon decloaked, I had jams on all of them except the Drake. I was suddenly quite happy I had 3 Caldari jammers from a previous fight.

  Two of our pilots had gone to their home connection, holding back the Eos even though it was still providing bonuses. They harassed it into jumping back out and the Scimitars decided to hang back to keep it alive. That was a big mistake.

  Their fleet engaging our main force didn't know we held reserves and started jumping into the hole we had been camping. We pursued after taking care of a the Drake and his pod. I had to bounce, once to get rid of incoming damage when they initially dropped onto us and then again because I had come back at range. By the time I was able to jump in and lock the targets, they were starting to bleed into armor and on their way to space dust and shiny loot. Seriously...more ISK than brains it seems.
  They seemed to start panicking because they were jumping back and forth through holes like rabbits, getting polarized and letting our teams work them down to nothing. We lost the Loki somewhere in the system we killed those Tengus, so we moved back to two systems over to finish off the Eos. The scimitars were burning away from us and I couldn't jam them correctly the entire time, so they were able to GTFO.

  So, while we were hoping for a carrier to come play I will definitely settle for over 7 billion from those guys and no losses for us. The best part was that so much of the faction loot dropped for us. Shiny, shiny ISKies. This also ended a semi-dry spell for my Pvp. Quite a nice way to do so, I'd say. Our fleets are getting more and more deadly, even when it's a scramble.

  I am finishing off Vs for my Tengu and thinking I might try level 4 missioning. Never done it alone and I hear it's good money so I could put this thing to use. I am working on getting a different ship for our fleets to rock the dps. Man...I am so ADD with my training.

  Remember, intel wins wars.

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