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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Patch (Cont)/ADHC Plug

  Double post bananza!

  Instead of going back and editing my previous post as I usually do, I decided to make a separate one. It will allow me more space to expound on my thoughts without making you read a six page wall of text.

  So I have now explored a bit more into the new patch with some interesting findings. The character creator is indeed a permanent feature now with some fun additions. I have added piercings to Memoo that are in the places that I actually have those same piercings IRL. The choices are sometimes limited, so they can look funky on him, but I like it nonetheless. I was hoping to tattoo him too, but Gallente have the silliest looking tattoo choices so I opted out. I played with my alts and love that they now have more personality, more of an interesting look than before. I tweaked their poses too, now that we have the power to do it infinitely. Thank you, CCP. Mech can show off his Brutor pride finally.

  Other things in this patch were things like nerfing nullsec Sanctums. Finally.

  Now, I'm sure I will get flak for that but I really don't care. Frankly, there is too much money in nullsec and ISK sinks might as well not exist in Eve. This will drastically reduce null sec inhabitants' ability to just swim in ISK since Sanctums used to spawn over and over and over again. That mechanic was abused by botters way too much as it was. All the whining and nullsec tears I read were "Woe is us, how dare you CCP! Don't do this or we quit blahblahblah". Srsly? Oh noes, you have to actually work now?! Poor dears, I feel fo--wait. This means you have to care about and plan your space? This means fighting over space might mean something? Hmmm, good move CCP. I live in 0.0 so it's not as if I don't have room to talk. Lawless wormhole space as it may be, but 0.0 space and we don't have the kind of opportunities nullsecers do. /rant

  Moving on. Some bugs and things smaller have been fixed, which is always good. The beta contract page is now final I think. I say I think cuz I always had it on in the first place. Probe selection has color changes, red and green which is especially annoying to me since I am partially colorblind. Also, with truesec changes my home system's sec status is -1.0 instead of good ole' 0.0, barely noticed it though. You can now delete bookmarks from right clicking in space, pretty cool. And if you give someone money, instead of just showing how much you are giving and why, there's portraits of yhou and who you are giving it to. I think that'll help a lot with not mistakenly giving to the wrong person. I hope so at least :P

  On the stupid side, CCP did break things. Hope you didn't like your saved fittings because that got royally screwed. I have have to check 50 and those are saved to the server and the rest are saved to your harddrive...and then you can't use them. Screw that crap, wtf CCP? There's other stuff too, but the patch tomorrow should fix it. Should..

  In other news, Memoocan is nearly a year old. In 20 days, he will have survived quite a bit in his first year and there is yet more to come.  I'm pretty excited and just might have to do something special to celebrate. So! Give me ideas of what you think would be good for a 1 year event, cuz I'm too burnt out to think these days.

  Also, I am now officially a recruitment officer for Adhocracy Incorporated! All it really means is that I have to pay attention to applications instead of waiting to see them come up for votes. We are coming out of a recruitment freeze and mainly looking for Euro/Pacific/Australian pilots, but if you're interested feel free to look into us anyways. Feel free to come chat me up or our other great pilots in the Adhocracy Public channel, we have cookies. And ponies.

  Anyways, wall of text is done.

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