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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mid-day Gank

  School is in overdrive for the next two weeks or so, giving me less and less time to log in to Eve. I am also on a sort of vacation with Memoo, Mech left back home to be able to have fun with the corpmates, but still not easy to do. Today I got lucky.

  After a four or five hour art dept. critique, I came home to chill out before my last class for the day. I checked the forums, facebook, all the usual. I also brought up comms to say hey to everyone, never intending to sign in. Until I hear someone scouting our new connection and finding a site running fleet. After a bit of locating and watching,

  "Legion, Abbadon, Proteus, and Noctis are in the site finishing up."

  So, naturally we quickly formed up and got our HIC to jump in ahead of us. We soon followed and watched him warp off, holding our cloaks for the second he landed with his bubble up. It went flawlessly as I landed, engaging my microwarpdrive and pointing the Proteus. The Noctis got popped before I even landed apparently. When I motored closer, I landed a web and launched drones to keep him occupied but never even got targeted. He managed to get out of the bubble and my web, but the point held and a fellow pilot helped hold him down as we primaried the Legion. He melted under our combined fire, moving on to the tougher Proteus. As nice as his reps were, they weren't nice enough to save him this time. Soon, he was naught but space dust and waking up in a new clone.  Last but not least was our Abbadon friend. He also had reps, but being the size of a barn took our full damage and succumbed to our firepower.

  Now this may just be another gank...but take a close look at those KMs. Pretty, pretty faction that is now in a better home. Faction lasers on the Abbadon, nice deadspace and faction on the Proteus, and....45 mil worth of nanite paste in the Noctis? lolwut? Interesting.

  Good way to let off some stress from academics and Mech is running strong with 100% efficiency. Oh yea...and he was using his Harby with a shield gang. Talk about Brutor balls, eh? :P

  Fly shiny...cuz then you look good on my KB ;P

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