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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Annoying Loss and Big Patch

  I have had much less time to play as of late, thanks to school and trying to paint a 4 ft. by 3 ft. self portrait, 2 other smaller ones, and a number of other classes' projects. So when I get on, I simply try to be productive with PI and whatnot. Well, that plan got shot to pieces quite literally yesterday.

TL;DR is that I lost another Falcon. And my pod. That didn't make me too happy, but it was done in the glory of battle, so I can't be too upset. That's my first pod loss in a long time and my first combat death in something like 50 days. The amount of kills that ship got me paid its way before dying.

We found a connection into our new static system, barely had anything scanned out. Turns out we found Duckeye again and said hi. But then we also found a corp trying to crash their dynamic into our static system with an Orca. Scrambling our people, we engaged with too few numbers and piece meal at that. We lost a Rapier in the initial push. The fight dragged on and more of our pilots logged in to help turn the tides. They brought 3x Canes, the Orca, and a Falcon initially. Then they had Scimi support while we had no logis. I had to continually warp in and out, jamming all of them many times, including the Falcon. I guess he got frustrated with it because he disappeared and then showed up in a Rook. For some reason, the Scimi support left through their hole and we got the Rook and his pod. But that was not before I went down. Lag screwed me and my pod was alpha'd back into highsec to buy new implants, hardwiring, and a new ship. Falcons are too useful to not buy another. Big thanks to my corpie, Klok. He knows why. We were to disorganized, but I think we learned the lesson.


I hope you remembered to stick a long skill in your que. I mean long, because this patch was quite extended to some player's dismay. So many things patched and added, like tattoos and the like for your character creation. I got confused that my portrait didn't flag as usual and was told the notes said it's now a station service. Fat lot of good that does me in wspace :P I haven't gotten to look at much else, so I will have to save that for another post. But my client didn't break, so I'm happy.

I finished off another level of Amarr Cruiser on Mem and Gunnery V on one of my alts. Wait, Amarr cruiser? Don't you only fly Gallente and Caldari? Well, not only but I do primarily fly those races. But with some internal analysis of my abilities and what I can offer I find some things lacking. I also see opportunities to be taken, through the Legion. Yep, I trained to the Tengu and now I'm already jumping to a different T3. My Tengu has seen some combat, but I do not like taking it into Pvp. It is quite good as Pve and I just tried my first L4 mission with it yesterday, complete success. I want a ship that can take a hit or two and dish out some hurt in different ways. There are two fits I am eager to try out, but properly flying the Legion will take me another month or so. Talk about progression, eh? I really am a bit ADD with my training *le sigh*

Anyways, hope patching goes well for you. Feel free to fill me in on all the little details this monster update gave us.

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