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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not A Good Night

  I'm tired, it's late and I'm not too happy at the moment so this will be another short post. Finals are nearly done so hopefully things pick up soon. I haven't been able to even log on much for the last week or two, but finally got the chance tonight.

  Oh did I mention my computer charger decided to die on me yesterday too? Ugh...

  Anyways, I've been in a vacation wormhole lately trying to make some ISK. The operation has ended and things moved out. I got a chance to log in and try scanning my way out, only finding a nullsec exit for my trouble. Later, someone else found a highsec in a few systems away as the rest of the corp tried and failed to get a second carrier in one day. My internet connection was shoddy so comms were iffy as it was. Not the best and I should have seen the bad luck streak, logged off, and waited. But I was impatient and stupid.

  So I hurried to try and catch up with the group that was leaving through nullsec, not really knowing where I was headed. Brilliant. I hop out and make my way to the only gate in system as someone types that there is a gate camp two systems over. He doesn't mention, however, that they chased him back to the system I am about to jump in and I get to find out by seeing the fleet with a bubble up...and fastlockers....and I'm not cloaky....sonofa----

  So I wait my time and try burning out with overloaded everything, only to get a second bubble pop up as they burn down my shields. I was neuted out the entire time but I held up for a surprisingly long time. Long enough that when they asploded me, I got my pod out. At least there was that....

  Made my way to a highsec link and logged. I lost my offensive sub skill, so now I have to train it back to 5..whenever I get around to that. Not in a great mood now and not sure when I'll get on next, but it killed more than it was worth before it died so I can't be too bent outta shape. Had to burn most of my money on a PLEX as I noticed I had 4 days left and no RL money in the bank, so I probably won't replace the Tengu for a while. Besides, Amarr Cruiser V finishes in a couple hours so I'll have something else to look at instead.

  Fly safer than I do

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