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Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to Roots

  News has been saturating the interwebs with CCP hyping the winter expansion. But it looks like they are actually trying to reconnect with their player base and they are making sure the players know their focus is back on FiS.

  On Facebook you have pictures of the artists working hard on the new ships, while on Youtube  they show a bit about the nebulas they will implement. Those are pretty neat and will certainly give a new detail to encourage immersion in Eve.

  Many have called the upcoming expansion a grab at low hanging fruit, to which I say "so what?". If this is what it's like to get low hanging fruit, then I am all for it. CCP needs to regain trust and prove themselves again so they can bring subscribers back and recoup the 8% drop in sub fees. If proving themselves means making the game better for everyone then there isn't much to complain about is there? Unless you're just a bittervet that will find anything to whine about.

  If CCP is pushed and motivated like this now, perhaps we can keep them moving forward and gaining momentum by encouraging their successes and critiquing areas that need improvement. If you rage and whine constantly, it just becomes noise to them. It can have its place and can be used to great effect, but don't make it the only response they get if they slip up.

  Hmm...this post took a turn I didn't anticipate. I'm simply saying that while things aren't magically perfect now and CCP has already proved themselves, they are heading in the right direction and getting priorities straightened out. There has been a surge in transparency, which can only lead to good things.

  In other news, we are still getting Aurum. I'm hoarding every bit so far just to see how much I rack up and what I can blow it on. Or if they allow you to transfer Aurum I'll pool all the Aurum I get and see about a profit. Then again, Mem could look pretty good in a new jacket.

  Good things are in the works here at PH this winter, as well. We are working on a new home, one that I will have far more control over and one that will hopefully be a bit more sleek. I'll let you know when that gets closer and hopefully I don't lose anyone in the shuffle.

  As for in game,  I'm having a blast this month helping kill nearly 10 carriers and a ton of other shiny stuff like there's no tomorrow. We found a new neighborhood that has kept us busy and the bloodthirst sated. I thought I would never say this, but between that and the upcoming rebalances....I am looking at getting into capital ship. Iknorite?

  More immediately, though, I recently became a logistics pilot and I am having a blast with it. For some reason, I get my biggest kicks out of support classes. Way back before I quit WoW years ago, I got into healing on my druid. Now I enjoy fight the little red bar and making sure my mates are safe under fire. While I fly plenty of dps, it's just a different perspective when you're multitasking the whole fleet with your reps and your buddy with energy transfers and drones and all that fun stuff. If I'm not flying ECM, it's usually logi now.

  There's also Sleeper story line items to talk about, but that I'll have to leave for later. This is getting to be a ridiculous and rambling post.


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