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Monday, October 10, 2011


    I know, I know it's a crazy concept. But it seems with the most recent devblog that such a concept is not outside the realm of possibility.

"While not everyone agrees that supercarriers are to blame for everything, there were some issues that kept popping up:
 Supercapitals are too hard to kill.
Supercarriers are far too versatile.
The Titan superweapon is too powerful.
Dreadnoughts are not good enough.
Remote ECM Bursts should not work on ships immune to ewar.
Sub-capitals are useless in fleet fights."

Well yes, these points have been such for a long time. Whatcha gonna do about it?

Drone bay can only hold fighters and fighter bombers.
Reduce Shield, Armor and Hull hitpoints on all Supercarriers by 20%.
Reduce drone capacity.
Aeon, Revenant and Wyvern: 125000 (25 total Fighters + Fighter Bombers)
Hel and Nyx: 150000 (30 total Fighters + Fighter Bombers)
Remote ECM Burst: Does not affect ships that are immune to electronic warfare (Supercarriers, Titans, Triaged Carriers and Sieged Dreads)


Increase signature resolution to 400


Remove drone bay from all dreadnoughts.
Siege Module I: Boost damage bonus from 625% to 700% to compensate for loss of drones.
Siege Module I: Duration time reduced to 5 minutes. Fuel cost -50%.
Moros: Remove drone bonus.
Moros: New bonus: 5% bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret rate of fire per level.

 Remove drone bay from all titans.
Reduce Shield, Armor and Hull hitpoints by 20%.
Superweapon: Cannot shoot sub-capital ships.

Logoff timer 
 After a player logs out, there is a check for player aggression every 15 minutes. If you have been aggressed, the timer extends for 15 minutes; if you have not been aggressed, you disappear as before. Note: this is only for player aggression and will not change what happens when you log off during fights against NPCs.

  Oh. Well. Ok....sweet. Supercarriers having less health is good I guess, only ever had them dropped on my head and laughed since they can't touch subcaps. I'm kinda sad about the no more drone bay on dreads cuz I want a Moros eventually and it's known for its ability to engage subcaps in a better capacity than other dreads. But still, the bonus to replace drones is an ROF which is neat. Siege being fast can be handy for vulnerable for less time, but will it eat more stront? I don't think so with the new boost to damage which is very nice. Titans have no more drones and now have less HP vOv Not sure I care. The fighters nerf does hurt carriers as well, so being careful not to make carriers useless against sub caps entirely is something of which they need to be mindful.

  Then the last bit that had me thinking CCP has been secretly reading my posts. Log off timers. Now, instead of simply a 15 minute timer, you can extend the timer longer and longer as long as you keep aggressing the target. This means that you have all the time you need to burn down the guy that decided to try to get away by logging off and waiting. Finally, that is not a valid tactic. I am wondering how many Russians we can get that simply knee-jerk log off xD But does this only apply to caps or to all ships? Better be all, imo.

  All in all, good changes that have been needed for some time. There are a few more that I would have liked to see on the list, but I shall choose to be sated for the time being. Also, don't forget that this is a devblog, not patch notes so the timeframe for these to be implemented has yet to be seen unfortunately.

  Does this affect your gameplay in a significant way?

PS. Turns out the logoff is for all ships, which is good. Also, the comments section  for the post has some good kernels and plenty of tears if you want.


Orakkus said...

The logoff mechanic itself is being changed. It will effect all ships, no matter the class or size, so long as it is player aggression. NPC aggression will still work as it currently does.

Memoocan said...

Ah, thank you sir/madam. I was reading the comments for the devblog and saw that mentioned there as well. Good to hear imo.