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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Witty Title Here

  It's been a bit since I last wrote, apologies. There have been many factors that go into the reasoning behind that, but I hope you'll bear with me when it happens. As much as I wish that I could have something awesome to write all the time (or ever xD) I just can't be motivated lately. Real life is smashing down yet again, Skyrim came out (squeeeeeeeee), and I've been avoiding writing because the world might be ending.

  Why is it ending? Well why else would CCP be putting out a devblog every other day about things that have gone untouched for years, only to be packed into this fall and winter? It has been a slew of new ships, rebalancing, ship spinning counters, SiSi bug reporting tools, graphical upgrades, and so much more. I can't write enough to keep up with it all and I don't think you all want a post every time they do since that would get quite boring.

 I have still been in game, less so in the last couple of weeks, but it has been slow. I am sad to say I lost my Vindicator in an embarrassing fashion. Over a billion ISK worth of ship gone, thanks to Sleepers, rep ranges and late nights. So....I've been working up my bank again, staying in ECM and logi roles and staying safe for the time being. The good thing was I lost it the day we had massacred  3 carriers and a support fleet. Between that and other fights, at least Olga killed more than she was worth. I've mentioned how our new neighborhood has led to more and better fights and that's the truth. If you want epic tales, come to wormhole space.  It'll only get better after the winter.

  My training marches on and I am finally going back to getting a Proteus. My plans have been altered for the expansion and I meant to get it before the Vindicator distracted me. But I really want to expand into projectiles since that will round out my T2 weapons into all races.

  So, what have you guys been up to lately? Comment! I love hearing stories others have in Eve, it actually motivates me more than just finding my own.

  I shall find something decent to write about, so keep an eye on this space.


Druur Monakh said...

What I have been up to? Well, read my blog and find out :)

Memoocan said...

Haha done!