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Thursday, October 20, 2011

End Year Merriment

  These fall and winter seasons are turning out pretty interestingly with CCP. Sadly it is coupled with 120 people losing their jobs, luck to you all, but more and more content seems to be pouring out from the dev teams.

  The newest one is pod killmails. Finally we get to see what is plugged into our victim's head! This is something I've wanted for ages because in wspace, it is a regular practice to pod people out. I've nabbed quite a few myself, some of which were probably worth more than the faction battleship they were piloting moments before.

  The devblog is short and sweet, but I am definitely looking forward to it. Sadly I do not believe this change will be retroactive, but it simply means that I will have to pod all those people again so I can see what they use :P

  With small things like this eeking out before the Winter expansion....I am really curious to know what is coming for us. All the hush-hush makes me think epicness of epic proportions of which Eve has never seen before is headed our way. And I'm really hopeful that is true. But I will keep some reservations.

 Still...can't beat what's been happening lately. While I am sad people had to get fired, I think CCP might finally be moving in the right direction and realizing what they need to do and the priorities on which they need to focus. Which is not to say they shouldn't have aspirations or other places and ideas to play with non-Eve ever. Just...pace yourself.

  Anyways, I'm still alive and kicking somewhat so hopefully I can get some good topics written up soon. I think I'll have one on ECM. Odd that I love it and talk about it but have never dedicated a post to it. vOv

  Get pumped!

EDIT: Leave it to me to speak too soon. Hot off the press:

"Let me give you guys a little more information on what is coming. Starting next week we will be producing a series of 'In Development' video blogs which will look at what the various teams are planning for Winter 2011. I want to stress that these videos will not contain release dates as we are aiming to provide a lot of stuff and do not want to commit to a date we cannot keep. These will include:
 Engine trails - Yes, that's right we are adding engine trails to EVE and we will show the work in progress so far.
 New ships - Recently we featured a shot of the Tornado, the Deviant Art contest winner, on the EVE Facebook page. We were not happy with just giving out one ship so we will be showcasing all four new ships.
 New nebulae - These new background sin the EVE universe are stunningly beautiful and will add to the immersion and feeling of being in deep space.
 Team BFF - This team should be Best Features Fullstop and CCP Soundwave will give an overview of what his team has in store. Capital ship balancing, balancing hybrids, assault ships bonuses and much more will be added during winter.
 Customer Relations - The Lead GM's will talk about changes to how petitions are handled, more options for Stuck petitions and how we aim to deal with your issues as fast as possible. We are not just going to stop there. We will bring you more video blogs about what is in development for EVE Online."

O.O Yes. Please. So look forward to those eh?

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