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Friday, October 21, 2011

End Year Merriment pt. 2

  I really should just wait it seems. Goodness. More and more devblogs are coming out in a torrent of mind blowing content and proving that the Winter expansion will be the most epic since Apocrypha. Although it's hard to top wormholes, imo ;)

  First up, we have an interview of the CCP CEO Hilmar.  A very interesting read, the TL;DR being that they are back on track in the spaceship business.

  And now get ready to change your pants.

  New Tier 3 Battlecruisers with BS sized guns!

  Awwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah. It seems the teaser picture that was posted on Facebook a bit ago was exactly this. The Tornado will be joined by a new ship for each race in the Winter. They are taking on the role of a true battlecruiser, all gank and little tank. Think that the Drake is a brick and not worth the time to shoot? Not anymore, since supposedly these new ships will eat through it and anything else they can hit. C1 WH POSes were never more scared than now.

  So will all the fanboy glee out of the way, let's check reality and go through the usual points.

  • We watch what they do, not what they say
  • Hopefully this doesn't totally unbalance the game
  • Hopefully this expansion doesn't completely destroy the game patch wise
  • What does this mean for the market?
  • Without lots of target painters or bonuses to tracking, they may only be useful for a few things
  • CCP finally listening is good, but they need to do more than just grab the low hanging fruit. Keep on with the momentum.
  If anything more...or when, really...comes out I'll just edit this post so that you don't get spammed with more. So keep an eye on this space, good things are coming.

  Me? I'm gonna need to go change.


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