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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Warrior's Path cont.

The Warrior's Path part 1

  Sadly, by the time we killed the Loki and ran to the next wormhole the opfor had retreated to their POS. But we didn't want to give our hand prematurely, so we had a bit of bait go in to see what they did.

  Here I'll fast forward. It ended being a lot of waiting, we showed our hand and didn't get a kill but decided to stay on the hole to see what they did. They had a Tengu popping in at range to harass us with missile volleys, but we couldn't nab him. So I decide to motor out to 200km in a few different directions to try to get him to engage me or see if I can decloak and point him. But no luck.

  So now I am just sitting. 200 km off the hole. Which we have bubbled. Great plan, right? It's far enough out that they can drop the bubble and warp to me and far enough to look appetizing. I had been trying to log for a while though so I was getting tired of waiting and bored since they probably wouldn't come out. They had been logging pilots in and shipping up for the entire time we sat, so we were hopeful but things tend to disappoint.

  These guys didn't disappoint. Suddenly a Drake lands 15 off me and we start to go at it. The fleet initiates their way to me just as the hostile fleet gets into motion. Suddenly I have a flycatcher bubbling me and their entire drake swarm primary-ing my idiot self. I had my AB running so I have to wait for it to stop so I can kick on my MWD. Time waste means they have vaporized my shields and are eating my armor. Which then goes faster when I try to MWD out of the bubble...dumb. And now they drop a Thanny on us. Awesome.

   There's so many of them, 25 or 30 if I remember which was quite a bit more than us. So I watch my armor melt off, then my structure goes bit by bit. I am hopeful since at some point the bubble went away so I was ready with my overview set to Pod Saver. Spam warp, Spam warp, Spam warp, Spam warp, Spam warp. Why didn't I eject...what an idiot >.>

  So I am now in my pod slamming the warp....just as our HIC decides it's a good idea to bubble me....awesome.....motor out, motor out, motor out.....ohai der Mr. Drake don't mind----nevermind.

  I went a bit ragey here, logging off after I replaced my attribute implants at the very least....took a shower and came back to listen to the rest of the fight. I was mainly mad at myself for a couple reasons and some rage came from the surprise of not being able to save my pod like I expected. But we put up a knock down, drag out, brawlfest that is one for the books.

 Every time we killed one, they just reshipped to another Drake and came back. So we had to start getting pods. With the Thanny repping, it was a bit harder but awesome calls were made and their fleet was getting whittled down. When we died, we got out and reshipped to come back for more, but weren't as close to the fight. Short of it? We won, including taking down the Thanatos in the end when they started to burn away and warp out. That was insane, with 34 kills and we lost only 9 pilots, including me and my pod. Talk about epic.

  Then they surprised us by giving good fights and thanking us. Heh? Apparently, they had moved out of nullsec because they were tired of getting good fights but then getting dropped by supercaps.  They came to wspace because they wanted exactly what we had just given them, a good ole' fashion bloodfest. So major props to these guys and I can't wait to see them in space again. We need more like them.

  So despite my losses and missing out of the killmails for that fun, I was glad to have been able to be the catalyst for it. Lucky thing I just got paid too, but I think I'll be flying cheaper for a while. Or at least not taking as many risks.

  Haha yea, I almost had you didn't I. Not take risks? What is this, Hello Kitty Online? No risk, no ISK amirite?

  It was then that I looked at my personal killboard.

  I guess with all this recent activity I've had, I finally hit the 100 billion mark for ISK destroyed, with 4.2 bil of it being in one morning at the first of the month. Sweeeet. I feel like I should have some sort of event or something...all the cool bloggers do after all :P  We shall see.

  This is why I came to wspace. This is why I play Eve. The great fights, the great people and the great times. And of course, Bob wills it!

  Although this reminds me that I need to make a post about the second run of Russian POS bashing I did last week. Hope you're enjoying this all as much as I am.

  Fly risky


Blast said...

I felt pretty terrible after I bubbled you and got you podded. First time flying a HIC into combat and was a little jumpy at first.

Memoocan said...

Haha no worries man