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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wherein We Melt Face and New Shinies

"Check check, hostiles are within four AU of my position. They are incoming." Mem listened to his corp mate over the channel beneath the safety of his cloak.

  He watched his overview blink. "No, they are on grid now. Buzzard and Drake he--check that, 'Phoon with 3 drakes, phobos, and more landing."

 It seemed that sitting at the sun did work quite well, even if it screamed bait. The hostiles seemed obliging and it was about time. It had been a while since Mem had been in a good fight and they had taken their time to take the bait.

  "Please jam the Drakes as quickly as possible." His corpie instructed.

  "Consider it done." Mem replied as he de-cloaked and began locking down the entire enemy force, aligning to the nearest planet. Never enough Caldari jamming programs when I need them, he thought with annoyance.

  He started the counter measures on as many ships as he could, most doing their duty while some failed. The buzzard was starting to burn out of the Phobos' bubble and toward Mem, so he released his drones and assigned them to it along with a counter measure that was freed up as a Drake warped out. His fleet was beginning to land.

  "Bubble is down, start landing points, people."

  Ships began to bleed shields and armor was stripped from their hulls, the damage mounting more as ships continued to land.

  Soon the field was silently strewn with pulverized pieces of titanium metal and frozen corpses. The wreckage was already being looted and the fleet reforming back on their connecting wormhole.

  "I'll salvage the Phobos wreck, the rest aren't worth it." He keyed over comms. It was always good to get some use out of so much destruction.

 Chatter was droning between fleet members, but he didn't notice until someone called out.
  "Chimera, repeat they have pulled out a Chimera and they are reshipping into a shield gang."

  Memoo recloaked and started motoring towards a planet, just in case. It proved a prudent decision, since a Sleipnir landed a few moments later.


  The fight was pretty cool and the fact that they brought round two was even better. We don't run into many people willing to bring the fight in wspace. And lately it seems killing carriers is becoming a regular thing for us. Best way to describe it was something two corpies said later:

-Most people must see a carrier and run away. ADHC froths at the mouth...
-Yeah people with carriers think they are scary. They are a flame to our moths.

  The amazing part was how fast we reacted. We didn't have logi, but they had a basi on scan so a couple of ours reshipped very quickly and, I have to say, our Falcons did a stand up job. Not that I'm biased. Of course not.

  The rest of the fight went well, with the subcap enemies warping in and out when we lost points, but not doing much of anything to us. The last to be around was a Ferox getting reps from the carrier even though it was only a matter of time til he succumbed. A Tengu also kept warping in at range, each time I was able to perma-jam him thankfully. I hate even yellow boxes as an ECM pilot. It was the best fight I've had in a long time and they even had a good time, giving GFs in local. I'm proud of our guys..and gals ;) for their awesome efforts on such short notice. Of course, this is taking place when I'm supposed to be doing work, but don't tell anyone.

  Beyond that? After the fight, we had a good kspace link and I went out in my pod to Jita. Waiting there was my brand new and beautiful Tengu. Ooooh yeeaaaa, I have finally become a Tech 3 owner and lover. I've fought with myself between 2 or 3 diff types of fits due to my limited ISK. I think I am happy with what I have, I'll get the other subsystems another day when I recoup the financial hit. For now, I am giddy as a...well I am happy. There's even ECM subsystems *evil cackle*

  Fly deadly

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