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Sunday, February 6, 2011


  No, no RL tragedy or anything despite sensational headline. Got your attention though didn't it? No, this tragedy is the loss of my beautiful Viperous Strike. My falcon has fallen in the blaze and glory of battle. Kinda.

  Ok, so our connection wormhole had some guys in T3s and a carrier. One among them, Max Khaos, an old Privatear and much loathed character from wardecs in the Uni. We had scanned their hole out and found alot of anoms and sigs that they hadn't run. Tsk tsk, always keep your space clean I say. Anyways, we had a Drake run one of their anoms, completing it and started to loot. Then they decided to take notice. They shipped into 3 Scorpions, the carrier and a Legion. But the legion reshipped into a Stiletto.

OVERCOPES 1: You should

  This got us a few chuckles. Annoyingly enough, this was after like an hour so I was heading out into kspace. Well I turned around and got home to reship into my trusty Falcon. The Stiletto dropped onto our Drake along with a Falcon and some fighters. Our fleet jumps in and warps in to our beleaguered corpmate to save the day. Max Khaos is known for flying little ships that are quick, so we couldn't catch the Stiletto. Typical of him to run and then smack:

Max Khaos: ur need more than that.

  Yea.. never mind the terrible lack of spelling ability, but he sped around as we melted his Falcon friend. They promptly POSed up and logged or went AFK. Too bad, I wouldn't have minded another carrier kill on my board. So we ran a few more of their sites and I logged back at base to take a shower.

  A half hour or so later I come back on to hear an engagement occuring, so I jump into system only to find it's a different wormhole than before and warp in to watch a Domi jumping out. It seems we found a dynamic into SPL's home system. SPL is one of the top corps in the Transmission Lost alliance. We tend to run into TL every so often and usually it means they lose ships. We wouldn't want this to be any different now would we? While we got a proper fleet organized, our HIC jumped in to survey their composition. So he bubbles like we are about to attack and calls out ship types.

Widow, 2 Sleipnirs, the Domi, and a Scorpion all sitting on the hole for lil' ole' us.

  So we get the fleet and jump in and the hole drops to half mass. Primaries were called and points were spread with the bubble up. The Widow and Scorp had ended getting 70km range on the hole while we formed up, so some of us burned out and got points. I waited a bit, then de-cloaked my Falcon and started jams on the Widow and Scorp, with a few on the others. They cycled and the enemy ships were going down, the Sleipnirs being pummeled into dust first. The Domi jumped out right as we got him into structure, sadly we didn't leave anyone on the other side so he got away.  Unfortunately, the Widow had begun jamming me before getting out and the entire enemy force primaried me. Guess that's to be expected when your entire purpose is to frustrate and shut them down ;) I gave myself up for lost and just continued my jams since the bubble was up and I couldn't get out. Amazingly, our Guardian pilots got me in next-to-nothing armor and made sure I got out when the bubble went down. This was time that the Widow took to escape, sadly, so he got out. So, out I go and back in at range to finish off the Nightmare and Scorp, ending the battle. But now, with the Domi having jumped out and sending it into a critical state, our exit is tight. So we start sending out ships one at a time, while we all hug the hole. First mistake on my part. The hole disappears with half the fleet still inside, giving the TL guys a perfect opportunity. So they take it and dropped 4 to 5 bombs on us, even accidentally bombing their own guy. Fail. And here the tragedy comes, in losing my dear ship. I wouldn't have had it any other way, though, since it was battle. Just ironic I live through being primaried, only to be bombed to death.

 My second mistake was being grouped with everyone. I should have waited at range with my cloak on. Third mistake was hoping to get out and thus offlining my plate to conserve mass. All this made sure I got popped, but not podded. Although, even with my plate on that many bombs would still have destroyed me so it's not too bad. I had some of their loot which is why the KM is worth alot more than usual, but we were able to loot my carcass. The worst part? Our scanner got popped and podded in the process while we were stuck in a C5 with a C6 static. Our only ship with probes was a Drake, so we made safes and bounced around as TL tried to scan us out. On his first sig scan, our Drake pilot found a lowsec dynamic that we all ran to just as a Tengu and Buzzard found us and a Manti uncloaked as I jumped through. We were several jumps in lowsec Aridia so we started to run towards Amarr. I scouted in my pod and we made it all the way safely, so a rather happy ending.

  I bought another they got expensive, thankfully I found one a bit cheaper than the rest but not much. I am now autopiloting home in it while I write. Good fight and always enjoy getting out a bit. I'll have to be more careful next time. Sorry Viperous :P

  Fun times


Laedy said...

I'd say sorry about your loss, if it were any other ship. Every time a falcon dies, an angel gets her wings...

Memoocan said...

Haha I knew you'd certainly be happy about it. ;P No worries, right back at it with mah new shiny. The last one got enough kills for me to be ok with it. Maybe I'll go wander around Ama with my cloaky....hehe

Viperous Stark said...

Lol. Sounds like you had fun in it, which was the entire point. :)