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Friday, February 4, 2011

Static Storm

  Here in wspace, we have had an...interesting phenomena since the last couple patches. Essentially, CCP broke another mechanic and this one is a rather worrisome one. Essentially, when our wormhole connection comes to the end of its life, it stays alive at the end.

  Now this might be cool if it actually stayed alive. But the problem comes when you try to jump through. It will then give you a message detailing how the wormhole is gone and you can't jump. But it's still there. The unexpected part? Every time you try to spawn, it makes a new static appear in your system. The first time we encountered this, we had 4 static wormholes in our system at the SAME TIME. That's dangerous if those systems are populated. Fortunately, they weren't and we just had to wait or crash them. Wormholes rarely have more than 1 or 2, so 4 holes is insane.  They were all the same kind of connection, yet we found they had wacky total masses, leaving us to wonder when they would randomly crash on us.

  So, hopefully this gets fixed soon because I enjoy only having one hole that connects to us, excepting dynamics of course. If you live in wormholes, keep your eyes out for this kind of thing and be careful. If you don't...well I guess it doesn't really affect you much.



Druur Monakh said...

It's the Sansha's and their meddling with synthetic wormholes! A few more incursions and the fabric of space will rip apart, we will all die, just to turn into vampires.

Memoocan said...

Haha I thought it was space zombies? But yea, it's quite the annoyance. Dirty Sansha and their wormholes generators, they found the Mirror!