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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Terrible Pickup Lines

  With Fanfest coming up, you are going to be getting prepared. Booking tickets, booking hotels, packing, traveling, and so on. But what about when you are rockin' the booths in Iceland and you meet a smokin' lady capsuleer? You gotta be prepared.

  Corpies got bored waiting for a target, so we came up with a bunch of reaaaallly bad Eve related and not so related pickup lines. I also haven't slept in 24 hours so these might be funnier to me than you :P Enjoy!

-"Say baby, mind if I dock in your POS?"

-Does this rag smell like ether?

-Hey baby, I'm like an Arazu. I can make you damp from across the room.

-Hey baby, I'm like a falcon - I'll jam you up good

- Hey baby I'm like a curse I'll suck you dry

-Come over to my place and help me launch this probe... You'll love the way I run your site.

-Wanna see my Iteron Mark V?

-Hey baby, I'm like a zealot - yeah the cycle time is short but I never run out of ammo

-Lemme just undock my Thorax and we can get some action

-That's right honey -- a Command Ship.  My place.  Now.

- Hey hottie, wanna see my Geddon?

-Just let me pop this Blue Pill... We'll be set for the next 4 hours.

-You must have high stats, 'cuz those certainly aren't implants

-Mines a mammoth and id like to stick it in your POS

-Are you in structure baby? Cause you're on fire!

-I'm the love pirate and I'm here for ya booty


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