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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wormhole Fundamentals

  If you're looking for a new way to learn about wormholes or just want watch a great video about them, look no further.

  As of yesterday, Adhocracy has launched our wormhole walkthrough video series: Wormhole Fundamentals.

  This will be a series of videos centered on different aspects of wormhole life and give detailed information about each. It is a collaboration between many of our corpmates, including yours truly. In fact, by the time I was able to draft the first video script we had topics and scripts being generated faster than I thought possible. And if you're wondering whose bedroom voice is in our debut video...that's me too! ;D

  I'll be narrating as many videos as I can, but I won't be the only one. As of now, it is myself and Admiral Tomahawk generating voiceovers. Since this is a collaboration, however, you may find other voices along the way.

  I have had and am having a great time with the project and hope that you all like it just as much. Of course, this wouldn't be a shameless plug without me asking you to share it with your friend and make sure anyone and everyone interested in wormholes gets to see it.

  We have quite a comprehensive list of topics that will be coming soon, but feel free to leave a comment with anything you may want to see specifically in the series.

  Hope you enjoy!

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