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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Rumor Mill

  I tend to try to stay away from rumors since they have a tendency to make you look like a fool. But Jester, over at Jester's Trek alerted me to one change and other sources led me to the second that has me all but jumping in my seat with joy.

"In other news, dictors no longer automatically generate 60 seconds of aggression just for the act of dropping a bubble.  I've tested this on Sisi and it's implemented there and I understand it's now been implemented on Tranquility as well.  If true, this means that defensive bubbles on gates are once again a go for all us dictor pilots.  It also means that to aggress a dictor will again require player action."

That is certainly an interesting mechanic change and one that will hopefully make the life of a dictor pilot easier to handle in kspace. Not that I fly them or care about aggression since :wspace: but hey, something someone else can enjoy is fine with me.

The second rumor? Drumroll please

Self Destructs Generate Killmaills! \o/

For something this amazing, I am rather surprised by CCP for making this a ninjaedit. I mean, now we can engage capitals (esp the Russians) and not care if they SD since we get it anyways. The first killmail of contention was an Aeon and then supposedly a second confirmed SD  on TQ.

  Pretty freakin' sweet if you ask me. So THANK YOU CCP!

I'm happy, are you?

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