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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Alliance Tourney X Vamps Up

  I was able to catch a few matches over at the ATX live feed today. They just signed off for the day with more to come tomorrow, of course.

  It seems Minnie setups are the flavor this year. The first match I was able to catch was a mirror fight with both sides fielding two Sleipnirs, a Scimitar and rounding of the team with Merlins. This meant that there was considerable dps and rep power on either side, bringing it down to pilot skill and strategy.

  It was quite interesting to watch since the blue side (forgive me, I don't watch names usually) seemed to use their Scimi as bait that kited the red and took the punishment. The blue, in the mean time, was pushing hard on one of the hostile Sleips. This is where viewers got to see the Ancillary Shield Booster in effect, with the Sleip pulsing his shield back to full. But it was apparent that they were simply diverting attention, since they soon switched to the red's Scimi and melted it just before they lost their own. Their diversion has pressured the initial Sleip into burning most of his charges and as his Scimi comrade exploded, he soon followed without enough charges or support.

  While the Tournament is not a representation of true Pvp for multiple reasons, it is nonetheless fun to watch. Pitting teams against one another that may never have encountered each other in the game to prove themselves worthy opponents is engaging. Planning only lasts until the first projectile flies, after all. Those that can adapt and overcome on the fly come out on top, skill and flexibility over numbers on paper, as the above match shows.

  ATX is also the time of year where you can get friends interested in Eve. You may not be able to find pvp when they show up at your house and wonder what you're doing, but this provides a sure way of showing them what really makes internet spaceships fun. More new blood, especially if they stay the course despite the massive learning curve, is always good for a game.

  Enjoy the show and let me know which you thought best

PS Keep the music low when not on matches...SO MUCH DUBSTEP/TECHNO/ELECTRONICA.

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