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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

De-Fanging the Rattles

  Finally, after months and months of only being able to log in to change skills or responding to fights that go nowhere or hostiles run away. Too much running away in wspace lately, but that'll be a  different post. On to my redemption, however, filled with explosions and fun.

  I had put my son to sleep a bit ago and just finished a game of LoL. A corpmate alerted me to a potential target list of 2 Rattlesnakes and 2 100mn AB fit Tengus. Despite the many disappointments I've had as of late, I got on and hopped into Connemara Love, my wonderfully neut-y, dps-y, drone-y Legion. Breaking the tank of two Rattles is usually a tall order, especially since we didn't have too many people around to respond.

  Our scout was on grid with them for some time, just watching. They were aligned to a planet, but otherwise doing absolutely nothing. Perhaps they were waiting to run a site or were just AFK. As he approached to go for a tackle, we made our way through the wormhole chain to get ready to pounce. They warped off, meaning they must have had cloaky eyes along the chain somewhere. So he followed to where he thought they went and found the Rattles jumping through a hole. We all began to get ourselves there as quickly as possible and jumped through to the target system.

  As we loaded grid, there was a Tengu sitting on our hole. He seemed to just be watching, 90km away so we ignored him and made haste to the Rattles before they ate our scout or were otherwise able to escape. Oddly enough, as the scout followed them into the hole, they jumped back...polarizing themselves...and allowing our fleet to land and grab points. It seemed they had a couple friends, since an Arazu uncloaked and began damping whoever he could and a Falcon joined to try to save their friends. I'm fairly certain one of the pilots was dual boxing, but I'm not sure who. I called the Rattles primary since we could reach them. A couple fleetmates took it upon themselves to drive off our new, annoying recons. The Arazu was driven off, but the Falcon was stubborn and held his ground.

  That is hardly the sign of a good Falcon pilot. We exploited it.

  Our scout burned out in chase, an easy task since the Falcon went a measly 200 m/s, and chipped away at him. He had gotten jams off on a few of us, but not enough to make a difference and the first Rattle's shields buckled surprisingly easily. Ah, PvE Rattle fit that makes for passive recharge and resists. Not a great fit to be caught in if ADHC shows up.

  The second Rattle had tried to burn off the hole, only getting 20km before all our webs brought him to standstill. He soon followed his brother into explosive nothingness. The names make me think dualboxing and would explain the bad tactics. Or the simple fact that they are carebears in space that is inherently dangerous may be plenty of reason.

  The Arazu came back shortly to make another nuisance of himself, but it didn't take long until he fled yet again. The Falcon was finally out of the picture as well and woke up somewhere else.  Mixed railguns on a Falcon, lolwut? And as he was melting, a corpmate of his tried to save the day in a Blackbird. Points for effort!

  Then it was just a matter of looting the field, popping the wrecks and making our way home. I am quite satisfied, although it was truly more of just a gank than a fight. I am fine with that, blood is blood.

  PvP stories worth telling are getting harder to come by for me nowadays. :sadpanda: Perhaps I'll have to start linking our Wormhole Fundamentals series so people get better ;P 1k views and rising :D

  Fly dangerous


Syl said...

The two Rattlers, Falcon, Tengu and Blackbird were all flown by the same pilot. Myself.

Me and the Arazu pilot were going to do sleepers sites in that system but there was an incoming wh as well as the systems static that made the system somwhat insecure.

I was jumping through the two whs alternately and back to close or reduce the mass of the two whs to make the system safer.

We had seen a prober and then the Loki. We watched him him jump through and back into the whs. When he did it again we were planning to ambush him with the Arazu, Falcom, Tengu and a Curse I had standing by. The Rattlers were to be the bait.

We had been in the system for quite a while by then with eyes on the whs and had scanned down all the sigs in the system so were fairly confident he was alone.

Unfortunately it was not the case. Events went as described above. The Falcon stayed longer than it should have because the jams actually coincided for a brief momnent and the Rattler had a chance to get out. This was right when the Falcon would normally have warped off but as it me in both and I could see the point drop I held the Falcon longer. Sadly, to no avail.

We were somwhat surprised when so many more ships showed up to the fight and speculated that perhaps there was a third wh that had been scanned after we had scanned out the system.

We played around on our home wh with the attackers for a while just basically testing different attacks/strategies without really any hope of much success as they had us outnumbered and it was just me and one other sometimes.

Had some fun even with the loss of the Rattlers - easy come easy go. (:

Memoocan said...

Hey, just saw this. Thanks for the reply! It's awesome to get the other side of the story, it's not often we do.

Quite a feat to multi box all that, takes guts with so much ISK on the line. Props for it :)

GF, see you in space again some time ;D