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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Perpetual Blight

  For those who have piloted around New Eden at least a year or at the right time, then it is well known that Hulkageddon is a yearly purging competition of high sec mining operations complete with prizes. Each year it has grown more and more in scope and participation.

  Such a thing can be avoided or worked around (especially if you live in wormholes ;)) However, it seems now there is an idea of making it a permanent fixture in the Eve ecosystem. Who says? Nobody less than the Mittani of course. That probably shouldn't come as a surprise. If you can stand to listen to the greasy thing that is Mittens, there's a video you can watch.

  I'm not at all surprised that this would be the eventuality. The ability to ruin the gaming experience of others on a consistent basis seems to be Mittani's forte and this is Eve, so it's a valid play style. Nullbear contempt for high sec dwellers is common, but as long as CCP allows high sec to exist then they have all the right to operate there. I think wspace is the true endgame, but you don't see me demanding all space should be the same. Variety is the spice, after all. I don't think this will be too much of an issue either for miners, either.

  While "perpetual Hulkageddon" sounds like the worst thing ever for miners, all it really means is that they need to start thinking before just undocking an entire of fleet of Hulks with Orca support. Check surrounding systems, keep scouts on gates, and mine aligned. Perhaps that takes away the AFK-ability of the task, but it's necessary. That's normal operations if you mine in wormholes, not sure about nullsec.

  In the short term it may mean that mineral prices continue to rise. As long as miners adapt instead of simply stop altogether, it should be a short term problem. While Mittens is all smug thinking he is fully disrupting highsec operations, his thugs really don't have the endurance. They get bored and they can find better money elsewhere or get tired of ratting their sec status back up. Either way, this should be interesting to watch develop.

  Just don't give them tears if they catch you, that will just prolong the issue.

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