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Friday, June 1, 2012

Imagination Station

  The realms of tabletop and video games have always been playgrounds for players' imaginations and daydreams. You can't help but drift off and think about how you would want to hack through waves of gnolls or what tactic would best fit for maneuvering your mech over terrain. In many ways, your imagination can be more fun than actually playing it out.

  Which brings us to our universe of Eve. DUST is quickly becoming a reality, with the beta registration opening up and players getting into shoot each others' faces off. Of course, since it is beta many things will be different at launch and who knows after a bit what they will add. Sadly I don't have a PS3 nor any money to get one, so I will live vicariously through corp mates' stories. I will also enjoy my own imagination, since it will probably be better anyhow.

  Thus my question to you comes, "If you could be a DUST merc and fight anywhere in Eve, where would it be?"

  I'll let that sink in for a minute. I do mean anywhere or on anything.

  Would you want to be able to land on a titan and have to breech in to destroy the capacitor or kill the capsuleer and take the ship? Would you want to storm the control center for a gate and determine who can go through and who can't? Or does keeping it to planet/POCOs sound better and have it operate like an RTS? The Eve player set up contracts for each facility to be taken and it all culminates in the DUST merc being able to jet up to the POCO and take it from the inside, allowing the Eve player to control the POCO without destroying and replacing it. 

  Heck, I'd be stoked if we could do a few things as WiS picks up. As I do live in wspace and really love the Sleeper story line, I would love to be able to walk around and explore derelict Sleeper structures a la Dead Space or some such. You could find bits of story or even take away some Sleeper tech. Make sure to give it a really creepy atmosphere, possibly encounters with whatever has been left behind over the centuries and I think that'd be amazing. Even letting DUST mercs fight through that kind of environment would be awesome. 

  The mind is a curious thing but I tend to just let it do whatever it wants. So, where would you fight if you could fight anywhere?

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