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Friday, May 25, 2012

Versatility, Thy Name is Many

I have played Eve for a long time now and have been able to do so for many reasons. The community, the universe, the long term planning and tactics, and so on. One aspect has always impressed me and made me love internet spaceships all the more. That is as the title suggests, versatility. With Inferno coming out, many fitting styles may become obsolete with the new modules being introduced or at the least become altered as they respond to the additions. So in the spirit of fun and a tip of the hat, I give you the Versatility series.

  There are many ways to do what you want in Eve. It is a sandbox after all and CCP made sure that even if you found the present from the neighborhood cat in the sand, it was all part of the experience. One of the things that killed my play in other MMOs was the rigidity. There is one or two, maybe even four!, ways to do what you want throughout the gaming experience. That gets old and boring very quickly. But I'm still seeing hilarious failfitted ships on killmails or seeing theorycrafting threads about a ship that is years old. Where else could you find a Tengu that is intended to be a shield fitted missile boat turned into an armor tanked, TD and scram boat. And that's just one of many actually viable but crazy fits from that ship alone. Adhc has a thread dedicated to Lolfits, some of which I'm guilty of wanting to try out just to see if it works.

  I like to show, not just tell, about things though. So I'm going to pick five ships and each will get its own post. In each post, I will give fittings that CCP probably never thought would happen. Some of them are fits I use myself on a regular basis and some are just things that you can do for hilarity's sake.

  Let's not let it stop there, though. I want to hear from my readers. Helps me know I'm not just a crazy person talking to myself. So throw a comment below or send me an Evemail letting me know a ship you want to see in the series or a fit you have used or found that is unbelievable or hilarious.

  Who knows, maybe we will have a whole new fleet tactic by the end.

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