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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Infernal Conceptions

  So it was about this time last year that everyone was talking about Aurum and how much a disaster that would be for Eve. This year, Inferno has crept in with more welcome, but I think the results are more prominent. At least you're able to ignore Aurum as much as you want. If you want to refresh your memory on what went into Inferno, patch notes are here.

  Eve's expansions have gone through an evolution over the last couple of year, for the better I would say. Instead of expansions in which a massive block of information and new code gets injected and breaks the game for a week or two, it is now slowly integrated and vetted on Sisi and then on TQ. They act less like expansions with a load of new content and more like updates that improve the game's foundation and add new, small details to keep the game fresh. 

  I have to say, seeing my Manticore now actually have a bomb attached to its underside seemingly ready to fire on the spot is pretty sweet. Not to mention the all new looks of stealth bombers. Launchers being visible on ship models is awesome, although I rarely fly missile boats anymore. New modules, new tweaks to ship layouts, ship tree modifications in the near future....and new menu tweaks. 

  That last one is the sore spot for many now. As well it might be, since I am still unclear why CCP found it necessary to scrap the old inventory system for something that, at least in the case of POS living, makes things so much harder. It is certainly neat to have customizable filters and be able to see every container at once....but then actually using the system proves a little more hair-tearing-out than before. For example? One cannot open their ship cargo and a corp hangar array separately now. That's just confusing. Even better is the fact that you can now see every POS module in the list...including defense placements like guns and the like. Whuuu?

  POS living can be hard, but this is painful. But the inventory system is a bit more far reaching than just sitting inside your shields safely. If you have ever flown a capital, then you'll have noticed very quickly. If you are a triage carrier pilot, you want to have windows open for keeping an eye on stront levels, your cargo hold needs to be open, and sometimes you even want your SMA open. Now that it is no longer an option, what impact will that have in combat or even simply running through Sleeper sites in higher class wormholes? 

  But CCP has gotten the threadnaught and has said they are working on getting things back to being manageable so props on that. You have to admit, the new CCP at least gets things done in less than 18 months, even if they are still great at trolling their own game. 

  More symmetry in ships makes me happy as well. The physics, or lack thereof, is already confusing enough without trying to figure out how they balance an asymmetrical ship's inertia.

  A last note....where's that SD mechanic fix? Hmmmmm? At least just make it generate a KM if the ship is aggressed. 

  Anyways, that's enough rabble for now :P

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