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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sleigh Bells Ringing pt. 2

  So here we were, locked in an epic struggle for pvp domination. Autocannons ripped into our thick alloy frames as well fired salvos of missiles and lasers back in defiance. Electronic countermeasures shutdown hostile logi and dps alike, but never for long enough. Both sides were escalating their own forces, bringing capitals through unstable wormholes.

  AHARM's hole went critical under the strain first. They had shoved a Chimera and Revelation through, with the Chimera providing reps that were difficult to overcome for their fleet. This meant even a small mistake on our part could cost dearly. While we were able to get their Sabre and Phantasm, we lost too many of our own. Any losses was too many in my eyes, since our fleet should have been wary of their timers and spammed the jump button if they got burned down too fast. But it is what it is. The real surprise came when their Rev decided to warp into the hole. It wasn't at range, though.

 He landed at 0 and immediately jumped through, crashing a large portion of our fleet with the hostile force. I had been polaritied after trying to hero-ECM their logi and a few dps so I got crashed into the hole with the dread. So did those of us in fleet that could handle said dread.

  As soon as he decloaked, he began to chatter in local.

Redo Jorias > want to buy a rev? :)
Admiral Tomahawk > How much
Redo Jorias > 1b?

  He deicded to initiate self destruct.

Admiral Tomahawk > Well not if yer gonna blow it up
Memoocan > really?
Blast GoDon > bad form :(
Redo Jorias > well. i'll cancel if you want it for 1b
Faeyen > we can buy
Blast GoDon > especially after that good fight
Redo Jorias > okay, cancelled
Redo Jorias > 1b for re
Redo Jorias > stop shooting tho
Faeyen > eject
Admiral Tomahawk > Lets do 750 mil
Admiral Tomahawk > and Ill buy it
Redo Jorias > 900mil i can do
Admiral Tomahawk > Im poor I havent played in awhile
Redo Jorias > 750m and bookmarks/ship out and a deal
Admiral Tomahawk > I cant speak for the corp on letting you leave
Redo Jorias > shrug, still shooting. want it or not?
Admiral Tomahawk > For 750 yes
Redo Jorias > for 750m and ship/bookmarks

  While they talked about it, the rest of us just wanted blood and were happy enough that he canceled the SD. But just in case he decided to try again, we brought heavier dps and forcefully ejected his pod from the carcass of the once mighty Revelation.  I guess he didn't see his odds as good since he warped to a moon and just sat there til we came and podded him.

  The other half of our fleet was busy scrambling to get out to a safe system, which took quite a bit longer. We scooped the Rev's loot and began scanning out the new chain now that the system's static had been killed.

  In no time at all, we ran into our buddies from The Red Circle, Inc. and found their home system. I guess they didn't want to play because they started crashing the connection into our transiting chain with some heavy metal. Our scout was on top of things and was able to hop in and grab tackle on their Fenrir, while other stuff scurried off. He had to swat a Dram that was being a pest and then we all tumbled in for the whale of a freighter. After another run in and finding another hole that went to AHARM's home system we decided it was time to call it a night and crash our way back home.

  Quite the day, I have to say. Soon, I'll be done with the semester and back home. While school and the pregnancy have kept me pretty active, I'm always happy to be able to enjoy me some Eve.

  Careful out there

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