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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eve Online First?

TL;DR We fought nullsecers, killed like 5 carriers and a nyx with a 30 man fleet.

Don't believe me? Take a loook.

When I am done freaking out and doing finals and whatnot, Ill do a write up. I somehow FC'ed this one too xD

I would hazard a guess that we are the first wspace corp to kill a supercap. I could be wrong, but who else has done it with 30 guys and the entire hostile system dropping on you?

Massive props to them for not SDing everything and bringing a massive over an hour fight. Epic is an understatement.


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Loki said...

Why do I imagine this as: Another quiet day in Sov 0.0, nullsec bears going about their daily routine of harvesting drones, safe far behind alliance borders, WHEN SUDDENLY! wormhole opens and spills out dozens of berserker Space Vikings (ala Firefly's Reavers), with chains, corpses, and spiky bits crudely welded to their ships hulls, who then proceed to rape, loot, and pillage 67 billion isk before vanishing back into the mysterious uncharted space from whence they came...