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Monday, December 5, 2011

Blueball Season

  I am in something of a rage mood right now. I haven't lost any ships and CCP hasn't done anything to provoke it recently. It is because of my absolutely crap luck.

  Like clockwork, every time I am in class or in a place I can't leave I get a notification from someone letting me know fights are about to happen or in progress in Eve. It makes me go crazy when I miss every single one, wondering what carrier or 2.2 billion scanny Tengu is being melted with glee. Or when corpies get too gun happy and melt everything before you can even land, resulting in lulcapsule KMs. (gas miner had that in his head)

  Not only that, but the few chances I get to be online nowadays, which is fewer and fewer btw, I spend an hour staring at gates or holes or watching hostiles show up in force and then run away if we even show an equal number. Worse than that is the people that see our ticker and crash or POS up. 

  Seriously, people in wormholes at the very least need to start playing Eve and stop playing spreadsheets in space. I don't mean throwing your blingy T3 into a 30 man fleet and hoping to take them all on, but when you see a good fight take it. I just got a new Proteus...finally, since I meant to have one before my Vindi lol...and was throwing it at things almost immediately. Those pixels aren't earning interest so use 'em. 

  Anyways, I need to go have a lie down or keep working my brains out since it's finals week. Sorry for the rant, not my best couple of weeks.

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